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Framing Crime

by Keith Hayward & Mike Presdee

In a world in which media images of crime and deviance proliferate, where every facet of offending is reflected in a 'vast hall of mirrors', Framing Crime: Cultural Criminology and the Image makes sense of the...

The Spatial, the Legal and the Pragmatics of World-Making

by David Delaney

Critical legal geography is practised by an increasing number of scholars in various disciplines, but it has not had the benefit of an overarching theoretical framework that might overcome its currently rather...

Transcending the Boundaries of Law

by Martha Albertson Fineman

Transcending the Boundaries of Law brings together three generations of the most respected feminist legal theorists in order to assess the past, the present and the future of feminist legal thought in the...

Internet Child Abuse: Current Research and Policy

by Julia Davidson & Petter Gottschalk

Internet Child Abuse: Current Research and Policy provides a timely overview of international policy, legislation and offender treatment practice in the area of Internet child abuse.

From Heritage to Terrorism

by Brian Simpson & Cheryl Simpson

From Heritage to Terrorism: Regulating Tourism in an Age of Uncertainty  takes a critical approach to the role of the law in shaping and defining tourism and the tourism experience. It utilizes a range of legal...

Honour, Violence, Women and Islam

by Mohammad Mazher Idriss & Tahir Abbas

Why are honour killings and honour-related violence so important to understand? What do such crimes represent? And how does honour-related violence relate to Western views and perceptions of Islam? This intriguing...

Commonwealth Caribbean Criminal Practice and Procedure

by Dana S Seetahal

The third edition of this best-selling book has been thoroughly revised to take into account recent developments in the law. The text clarifies the state law in each jurisdiction, making it clear when laws are...

Escape Routes: Contemporary Perspectives on Life after Punishment

by Stephen Farrall & Richard Sparks

Escape Routes: Contemporary Perspectives on Life After Punishment addresses the reasons why people stop offending, and the processes by which they are rehabilitated or resettled back into the community; engaging...

Governance through Development

by Celine Tan

Governance Through Development locates the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper framework within the broader context of international law and global governance; exploring its impact on third world state engagement...

The Land Is the Source of the Law

by CF Black

The Land is the Source of Law brings an inter-jurisdictional dimension to the field of indigenous jurisprudence: comparing Indigenous legal regimes in New Zealand, the USA and Australia, it offers a 'dialogical...

Drugs, Crime and Public Health

by Alex Stevens

Drugs, Crime and Public Health provides an accessible but critical discussion of recent policy on illicit drugs. Using a comparative approach - centred on the UK, but with insights and complementary data gathered...

Crime, Political Economy and Genetically Modified Food

by Reece Walters

This book aims to bring the debates about GM food into the social and criminological arena. It highlights the criminal actions of state and corporate officials including the illegal production and sale of GM...

Human Rights and the Protection of Privacy in Tort Law

by Hans-Joachim Cremer

This book considers how English courts could use and adapt structures adopted by the German legal order in response to rulings from the European Court of Human Rights on Article 8 of the European Convention...

Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law

by Susan Wolf & Neil Stanley

Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law is a lively and accessible account of pollution control law in England and Wales. Written with real clarity and supported by a range of learning features, this text offers...

Commonwealth Caribbean Property Law

by Gilbert Kodilinye

As a result of the immovable and indestructible nature of land, property law is concerned with a wider variety of rights, obligations and interests than most other areas of law, and can prove daunting to those...

Law and Art

by Oren Ben-Dor

In?engaging with the full range of 'the arts', contributors to this volume?consider the relationship between law, justice, the ethical and the aesthetic. Art continually informs the ethics of a legal theory...

Carl Schmitt

by Michael G. Salter

There continues to be a remarkable revival in academic interest in Carl Schmitt's thought within politics?and social theory but this is the first book to address his thought from an explicitly legal theoretical...

Health Professionals and Trust

by Mark Henaghan

An ever increasing number of codes of conduct, disciplinary bodies, ethics committees and bureaucratic policies now prescribe how health professionals and health researchers relate to their patients. In this...

Genocide, State Crime, and the Law

by Jennifer Balint

Genocide, State Crime and the Law critically explores the use and role of law in the perpetration, redress and prevention of mass harm by the state. In this broad ranging book, Jennifer Balint charts the place...

Serial Killers

by Francesca Biagi-Chai

Francesca Biagi-Chai's book - a translation from the French of Le Cas Landru - tackles the issue of criminal responsibility in the case of serial killers, and other 'mad' people who are nonetheless deemed to...