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Seven Days One Summer

by Kate Morris

Eight old friends reunite for a week in the sun… What could possibly go wrong? When her old flame Sam rings up one day and invites her on a villa holiday in Italy, Jen is completely thrown off balance. Sam,...

Ghoul Brittania

by Andrew Martin

INCLUDES THE THREE BEST GHOST STORIES EVER Who among us, lying in bed at night, listening to the noises of the house – that creak in the stairs, the clock ticking away in the empty hall – has not experienced...

Scream: The Tyson Tapes

by Jonathan Rendall & Richard Williams

Michael Gerard Tyson grew up in almost indescribable poverty in the ghettos of Brooklyn. Incarcerated in a young offender institution at the age of ten – when he was often mistaken for a man of twenty – Tyson...

We All Ran into the Sunlight

by Natalie Young

“The past grabs hold and will not let you go in this uncanny and beautiful novel. Strange and delicious in the manner of Rebecca.” Sarah Blake, author of The Postmistress ––––––––––––––––––––––...

The Trouble with Alice

by Olivia Glazebrook

“A story that really draws the reader in... Quite deliciously funny and sad.” Barbara Trapido, author of Frankie & Stankie. –––––––––––––––––––––– Kit and Alice are happy, in love and...

The Old Boys Network: A Headmaster's Diaries 1972-1986

by John Rae

John Rae was one of the most charismatic and controversial figures in British education. His reputation as a great reformer was forged during his 16 years as headmaster of Westminster School, in the 1970s and...

Ask Your Father

by Emma Cook

Have you or Dad ever taken drugs? If there’s a God, why does he let us go to war? Can I get my belly button pierced? Why were you and Daddy shouting last night? Mum, why don’t you have a willy? All parents...

Wenger: The Legend

by Jasper Rees

Arsène Wenger has made a science of football management and turned his players into artists. A surprise appointment at Arsenal FC when he arrived in 1996 and now the most established manager in English football,...

Gus the Fox: A Scrapbook

by Matt Haydock & Nick Reyniers

Skulking beneath London's tacky veneer live a bunch of seedy creatures that thrive in the city's murk. We once knew very little about these cadgers and spongers - sometimes animal, sometimes human, occasionally...

The Assassination of JFK: Minute by Minute

by Jonathan Mayo

This is the story of JFK’s assassination as told from the frontline: it is about the people – from the highest to the lowest – who were caught up in that four-day whirlwind in November 1963. From Dallas...

A Short Book on Stress (and how to cope with it): A Therapy Toolkit promoting healing for sufferers of stress ¿ both from the workplace and from perso

by Dr Ashley Conway

Stress is common. The UK Health and Safety Executive reports that in the UK about half a million people a year suffer work-related stress. That number could be matched easily by those who suffer stress due to...

The Complete and Utter History of the World According to Samuel Stewart Aged 9

by Sarah Burton & Alex Fox

When his teacher sets the class a History project, Sam cannot choose which bit of History he prefers, so decides to do ALL OF IT. His version of History is a rumbustious collection of half-remembered facts,...

Where the Hell Have You Been?: Monty, Italy and One Man's Incredible Escape

by Tom Carver

In November 1942, two nights after the Battle of El Alamein, a young British army officer was captured. As the Nazis deliberated about what to do with him, Richard Carver had particular reason to be afraid:...

A Good Bullet: Comedy, Violence and All the Terrible Things That Make Us Laugh

by Freddy Syborn

From the co-writer of the record-breaking BBC3 sitcom, Bad Education. ‘Doctor, doctor, what do you call a book about comedy that tries to be funny, argumentative, wide-ranging, silly, weirdly personal and fairly...

Our Hearts Hang from the Lemon Trees: A Family Divided: France, London and the Secrets in Between

by Laetitia Rutherford

“I listened to that house breathe and creak through twenty long summers, often bored, or longing to be somewhere else, always ensnared by its charm…” In this captivating memoir, Laetitia Rutherford evokes...

Mr Gig: One Man's Search for the Soul of Live Music

by Nige Tassell

Nige Tassell’s life has been defined by live music. It’s the fabric of his being, his bloodline, his DNA. He is Mr Gig. Or at least he was. A few years ago Mr Gig hung up his backstage pass and headed off...

Be Your Own Nutritionist: Rethink your relationship with food

by George Cooper

Did you know that eating sushi in the winter can be positively bad for you? Any idea why you need to eat a different lunch when it starts to rain? Or why steak is more nutritious than a salad? Forget everything...

I Know You Are Going to be Happy: A Story of Love and Betrayal

by Rupert Christiansen

A young man pushed forward by family expectations, a young woman pulled back ... A wedding at a fashionable London church in 1948 between two brilliant journalists, deeply in love – the ambitious and sophisticated...

Seasonal Suicide Notes: My life as it is lived

by Roger Lewis

‘The most brilliantly funny and genuinely thought-provoking book of the year.’ Sunday Times For some years, the biographer Roger Lewis has been entertaining his friends with an annual letter, in which he...

Jeremy and Amy

by Jeremy Keeling

Jeremy Keeling first met Amy, an abandoned orang-utan, when he was looking after the private menagerie of music impresario Gordon Mills. Amy had been born to an orang-utan with no maternal instincts and Jeremy,...