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The Hodgkiss Mysteries

The Hodgkiss Mysteries #2

by Peter Sinclair

Hodgkiss and the Mayoral Stakes / Hodgkiss Hits the Sales / Hodgkiss and the Two Musketeers - Hodgkiss is back. The cranky old sod is still sniping at the conniving, manipulative members of Kanundda Council...

England's Ethnic Cleansing of the Jews

by Leonie Star

William Duke of Normandy conquers England in 1066. Jews follow him, arriving as traders. They have financial expertise and money-lending capabilities that are much needed in the medieval economy. A few have...

The Secret Fire

by Laurie Jo Moore

This book tells the gripping stories of twelve men who were imprisoned in the death camps in Laos. It tells the truth about the hidden war in Laos. Together the stories of these men show how communism destroyed...

Severed Past

by Anthony R Jansen

A car crash fourteen years ago. The result-amnesia.A terrible accident ... or was it? Since that fateful day, computer expert David Hayes has been consumed by his need to learn more about his past. Frustrated...

Patient Fortitude

by Christine Perrott

This moving true story is an example of the power of self-belief, support, persistence and courage; gives insight into the interior of a public hospital and the emotions of two people experiencing an extended...

Paris Light

by Moira McCarthy

In the spring of 2008, an Australian woman arrives in Paris to fulfil a dream of discovery and to immerse herself in French history and culture. Hoping to capture memorable photographic images, the writer experiences...

Sweet on the Dark Side

by Katie Louise

Have you ever thought about how a coincidence can change the life of a family? Or perhaps why an accidental insult leaves you feeling perplexed and bewildered rather than mortified? Dimity, the matriarch of...

Counting Our Blessings

by Di Perkins & Bill Perkins

Di, an historian, and Bill Perkins, a geologist, are possibly on their "last trip" overseas and are determined to make it a memorable experience. This collection of "missives and reflections", sent to family...

For the Love of Rhupert

by Rhonda Schwab

Eight year-old Emmaline and her best friend Rosemary empathise with and support the older, much-bullied, but highly musically gifted Rhupert. The girls are aghast at how little support they receive from the...


by Allan Skerman

An abused boy, a crippled bird, a tree that cannot flower... It was in a tree in the backyard behind Number 44 that the blackbirds annually made their nest and soon there'd be little chicks running around making...

Book of the Weak

by Joe Reich

Dr Moss Lane Lives the so-called good life, with a busy medical practice, an attractive wife and a modern luxury home in the Melbourne suburbs. And yet despite all this, Moss is trying desperately to escape...

The Real Middle-Earth

by Michael Muhling

JRR Tolkien's inspiration for his bestselling books, The Lord of the Rings, has always been a mystery. Tolkien himself stated that his ideas came to him as though they already existed, but he couldn't name their...

The Iceman

by Jeff Edwards

Team spirit is the vital element that can turn a well-trained crew into champions. The crews of the Henswytch Rowing Club know all about team spirit and how powerful it can be, but how far should they go? What...

Seven in a Tent

by Don Puckridge

Study leave in Switzerland, England, Canada and the USA with four children aged 1 to 10 and family friend Gail brought many challenges. At the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology the author lectured on Agricultural...

The Mysterious Coat

by Nicholas Walsh

Tyler Brown is an average guy who works at the Duke Of York Hotel in St Kilda. When he sees somebody whisk by in a mysterious-looking coat, he initially thinks nothing of it. Little is he to know that this coat...

Merlin's School for Ordinary Children

by Margaret Rose Blake

A reclusive old man had to die before something of major proportions happened in the small seaside town of Calder Cove. Over a long and extended period, a series of weird and rather extraordinary events occur,...

MR Jones' Men

by Henry Blyth

After leaving Melbourne to head up a medical service in South East Asia, Lloyd Prentice vanishes without trace. Four years later his young adult son and daughter, elated by news that he is still alive, fly out...

The Longest Journey

by Amanda Stuart

In The Longest Journey: finding the true self, Amanda Stuart describes how clients, men and women, addressed a range of difficulties, including anxiety and depression. Invariably when clients seek counselling,...

With a Smile and a Song

by Paul Ruse

This book contains mostly light rhyming verse, but there is also some equally lighthearted prose. The prose consists mostly of comments on what the author feels is a misuse of the English language; for example,...

Hodgkiss and the Fatal Map

The Hodgkiss Mysteries #1

by Peter Sinclair

Hodgkiss and The Fatal Map / Hodgkiss and the Telltale Eyes / Hodgkiss and the Unsafe Safe Hodgkiss is a cranky old sod. The continual sniping and point-scoring between him and his son-in-law, Detective Sergeant...