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Downright Dangerous

by Beverly Barton

She had always been the good girl, putting her family first, never thinking of herself. But now Elsa Leone was a woman on a mission, and her well-meaning attempt to put an end to crime in her town had earned...

A Younger Woman

by Wendy Rosnau

And then he'd broken her heart. So if it hadn't been for that pesky gunshot wound in her arm, Margo certainly wouldn't have found herself being held captive-for her own good, of course-in his house, his bed,...

A Younger Man

by Linda Turner

To Do (after High School graduation)

1. Go to college

2. Fall in love with the man of my dreams

3. Get married

4. Have two kids — one at a time!

Natalie Bailey may not have been very good with numbers, but...

Witness... And Wife?

by Kate Stevenson


When Cassie Bowers awoke in a hospital bed to see her ex-husband, she was bewildered—and bombarded by bittersweet memories. But she soon discovered that Luke Slater hadn't come back...

Wise Moves

by Mary Burton

After witnessing her gangster brother's treachery, Kristen Rodale lived in fear that he'd find her. The government failed to protect her before the trial against him, so her only chance at survival lay in running...

The Wildes of Wyoming--Hazard

by Ruth Langan


From his very first glance at doe-eyed Dr. Erin Ryan, desire gripped millionaire rancher Hazard Wilde. But that didn't mean he'd signed up for family and forever. He believed in land, family legacy…and...

The Wildes of Wyoming--Chance

by Ruth Langan


Chance Wilde was always willing to risk whatever it took to get what he wanted - whether it was for business or for pleasure. And his life had mostly been business—until his brothers...

The Wildes of Wyoming--Ace

by Ruth Langan


and the gorgeous cowboy at the pool table looked as though he could afford to pay some of her grandfather's medical bills, so Ally relieved him of a thousand dollars, never suspecting...

Wilder Days

by Linda Winstead Jones


Del Wilder had always been brash, reckless and more than a little dangerous. And years ago he'd stolen a young woman's heart—then walked away without a backward glance.

Now, suddenly,...

Wild Ways

by Naomi Horton

All ex-agent Rafe Blackhorse wanted was to capture the man he'd been hired to retrieve and head back to his secluded life in the mountains. Unfortunately, an unforseen shoot-out forced him to protect both his...

Wild Fire

by Debra Cowan

Wild Fire by Debra Cowan released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Who Do You Trust?

by Melissa James

Who Do You Trust? by Melissa James released on Nov 15, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Whispers in the Night

by Diane Pershing

Whispers in the Night by Diane Pershing released on Aug 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Whispers and Lies

by Diane Pershing

Whispers and Lies by Diane Pershing released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Which Twin?

by Elane Osborn

One minute she was "Secondhand" Rose Delancey, no one special, a woman driven by her dreams to a faraway meet the man of her imaginings. The next, everyone was calling her Anna, as in Anna Benedict...

What a Man's Gotta Do

by Karen Templeton


Itinerant chef Eddie King had spent most of his life moving from place to place, looking for something he could never seem to find. But suddenly he found himself headed for the place...

The Way We Wed

by Pat Warren

THE AGENT: Jeff Kirby, M.D. in the making

THE MISSION: Making sure his beautiful bride lives to see their wedding vows through!

THE HEARTBREAKING TRUTH: Married in haste, Jeff and Tish were more strangers than...

A Warrior's Vow

by Marilyn Tracy

A Warrior's Vow by Marilyn Tracy released on Oct 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Warrior's Second Chance

by Nancy Gideon

Thirty years ago, war claimed the only man Barbara Calvin ever loved. And for her family's honor, for the child Taggart McGee never knew she carried, she married his best friend and abandoned her dreams of a...

Warrior Without a Cause

by Nancy Gideon

She was seconds away from pulling the trigger…when the stranger strode out of the storm and witnessed her failure to take out her brother's killer. His eyes, his gaze…everything about him stirred a response...