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Montana Mavericks Weddings: The Bride Who Was Stolen in the Night\Cowgirl Bride

by Diana Palmer & Susan Mallery

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors Diana Palmer and Susan Mallery lead us down the bridal path in two love stories set under Montana Skies.…

The Bride Who Was Stolen in the Night by Diana Palmer...

Rogue Stallion

by Diana Palmer

"I don't want kindness--or your kind of woman."

Sterling McCallum gave the plain, hard warning to Jessica Larson. The brooding rogue cop had a stone in place of a heart and a past as mysterious as the case that...

You Belong to Me

by Jennifer Greene

"Did you ever plan to tell me about our baby?"

Something about his pint-size patient seemed uncannily familiar to pediatrician Blake Remmington. And something in Serena Dovesong's hauntingly dark eyes proved...

Wife Most Wanted

by Joan Elliott Pickart

The man who stole her heart

Dana Bailey was a woman on the run, and romance was the last thing on her mind. But when her great escape led her to Detective Kurt Noble's arms, she was torn. Whitehorn's sexiest...

Christmas in Whitehorn

by Susan Mallery

Detective Mark Kincaid was worn to the bone after his years on New York's tough city streets. Upon his return to Whitehorn, all he wanted was peace and quiet—not some sweet, adorable do-gooder messing up the...

Hero's Homecoming

by Laurie Paige

He was a loner, a drifter...and the only man who could save a little girl's life. But to do that J. D. Cade would have to reveal a secret he'd kept for over twenty-five years--the secret that he was still alive....

Lone Stallion's Lady

by Lisa Jackson

"You're marrying me--whether you want to or not!"

She was carrying his child--she would be his wife! Honorable oilman Trent Remmington would have it no other way. For though the lone bachelor never dreamed his...

Moon Over Montana

by Jackie Merritt

Linda Fioretti was a grown woman. She'd left Los Angeles and a lousy marriage to make a new life for herself in Rumor, Montana. And that meant discovering just who she had become over the years. An artist? A...

Montana Lawman

by Allison Leigh

Librarian Molly Brewster had successfully created a new identity for herself until Deputy Sheriff Holt Tanner started asking questions about her past. Molly couldn't help but look to the ground when he watched...

Big Sky Cowboy

by Jennifer Mikels

A passion fiercer than the Montana heat…

When rugged rancher Colby Holmes wanted to solve his aunt's murder, he reluctantly enlisted the help of stunning psychic Tessa Madison. Despite her mysterious beauty,...

Her Montana Man

by Laurie Paige

She was back on his turf…pregnant!

A mysterious death had brought Dr. Chelsea Kearns back to Rumor, Montana, an assignment the forensics expert hadn't been savoring. She would have to face Pierce Dalton. Successful...

In Love with Her Boss

by Christie Ridgway

Lori Hanson had come to Whitehorn to start over—not to fall head over heels in love with her boss! She knew better than to risk her heart—her life—on another man. Besides, Josh Anderson was too attractive,...

It Happened One Wedding Night

by Karen Rose Smith

"I won't rest until I make you mine!"

Handsome cowboy Ryder Redstone always got what he wanted, and he wanted Daisy Harding--as his wife. But she stubbornly refused to marry him, despite her carrying his child....

Birth Mother

by Pamela Toth

Long-simmering desire brought Brandon Harper to Emma Stover's bed. And on the same earth-shattering night, a sinister crime left a prominent Whitehorn citizen dead. When Emma was arrested for murder, her passionate...

Cheyenne Bride

by Laurie Paige

The howling wolf was his talisman--a fierce, feral creature. But something beyond savage instinct made Cade Redstone come to the rescue of the damsel in the bedraggled wedding gown. Cade offered the stunning...

Father's Vow

by Myrna Temte

Like a tiger prowling the darkest jungles, Sam Brightwater always sidestepped the terrifying trap of love. Still, he vowed to settle down. Start a traditional family. Do his tribe proud.

So the last woman Sam...

Kincaid Bride

by Jackie Merritt

"Honor demands that you marry my granddaughter!"

After being caught in a compromising clinch with his boss's granddaughter, ranch foreman Eli Forrester was forced into a shotgun marriage with Melanie Kincaid....

Letter to a Lonesome Cowboy

by Jackie Merritt

A mail-order bride and...her kid brother?

The ad said rancher Rand Harding--a real, live cowboy!--wanted a wife. So orphaned city kid Mack Paxton began planning. He'd pen a gushy letter. Enclose a pin-up picture....

Big Sky Lawman

by Marilyn Pappano

"No one escapes the long arm of the law..."

Finding a murderer was the only thing that Deputy Sloan Ravencrest could think about. Until his investigation led him straight into Crystal Cobbs's welcoming arms....

Rich, Rugged...Ruthless

by Jennifer Mikels

The bachelor in her bed...

After his car accident, Whitehorn's ruthless bank president Max Montgomery had no memory and even less patience. To some citizens, the "Young Scrooge" had gotten his just deserts. Or...