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Your Ranch or Mine?

by Cindy Kirk

At seventeen, Anna Anderssen thought the sun rose and set with Mitchell Donavan. Thirteen years later, the boy from the wrong side of town was a successful architect who still hadn't forgiven her for their breakup....

The Bravo Bachelor

by Christine Rimmer

All Gabe Bravo wanted was to convince Mary Hofstetter to sell him her land. But the young widow had barely told him to hightail it off her property before going into labor. Being an honorable Bravo bachelor,...

Yours, Mine...or Ours?

You, and No Other

You've Got Game

by Patricia Kay


As handsome and stubbornly infuriating Nick DeSanto, manager, and as ice queen company owner Lorna Hathaway, they were not a match made in heaven. But as "Coach" and "Sweet Stuff"—online...

Wrong Twin, Right Man

by Laurie Campbell


Rafe Montoya had known his wife, Beth, was unhappy. She wanted him home earlier, wanted a baby, wanted more of himself than he could give. He thought that being her knight in shining...

Wrong Groom, Right Bride

by Patricia Kay

Chloe Patterson was one day away from becoming part of the most affluent family in Riverton…until her fiancé married another woman! Pregnant with a Hopewell heir, Chloe realized the only way to protect her...

Worth Fighting For

by Judy Duarte


Single mother Caitlin Rogers lived for just one thing: her little girl, Emily. So when her rights as a parent were threatened, Caitlin singlemindedly prepared to fight for her daughter...

Woman of Innocence

by Lindsay McKenna

Woman of Innocence by Lindsay McKenna released on Aug 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

With Family in Mind

by Sharon De Vita

Armed with a new name and an icy facade, reporter Rebecca St. John returned to Saddle Falls to bury her shameful past—and unearth the secrets that had haunted her since childhood. But she'd have to investigate...

Winning the Right Brother

by Abigail Strom

She liked safe. And there was nothing safe about Alex McKenna…

Practical, ultra-organized single mom Holly Stanton had her feet firmly on the ground. Except when it came to Alex McKenna. Fifteen years ago,...

Winning Dixie

by Janis Reams Hudson


When millionaire Wade Harrison woke from transplant surgery, his first words were, "Hug my boys." But he had no boys! Convinced his new heart was telling him to look after his donor's sons,...

A Winchester Homecoming

by Pamela Toth


That's how rancher David Major remembered his ex-love Kim Winchester. Romance had budded between them in high school, but ended abruptly when Kim moved away without...

Willow in Bloom

by Victoria Pade

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER One night of wild, unbridled passion left Willow Colton pregnant—and impossibly in love with rodeo megastar Tyler Chadwick. Still, she'd never dreamed of seeing the charming cowboy again....

Whose Baby Is This?

by Patricia Thayer

Fire burned bright in Tara McNeal's eyes when she thrust her shocking news on Matt Landers: "You're my niece's father. " But the handsome doctor quickly doused her heated accusation with his firm denial of paternity—and...

White Dove's Promise

by Stella Bagwell

BREAKING THE BACHELOR VOWHandsome playboy Jared Colton became town hero the day he saved a toddler trapped in a drainage pipe. The tot's mom was none other than Comanche beauty Kerry WindWalker, the only woman...

Which Child Is Mine?

by Karen Rose Smith

Two women in labor…

A delivery ward in chaos…

A mix-up during a blackout…

For three years, single mother Jillian Kendall had raised her daughter, Abby, and built a secure and loving home. But her happiness was...

Where There's Smoke

by Kristin Hardy


If Sloane Hillyard's invention saved the life of one firefighter, it would be worth everything—even if it was too late to save her own brother. But her biggest hurdle lay ahead: To convince sensual,...

Where He Belongs

by Gail Barrett


Tongues wagged when Millstown's resident bad boy roared into town on the back of his Harley. Only a dire emergency could bring Wade Winslow back to the place where he'd never...

When the Cowboy Said "I Do"

by Crystal Green

Thunder Canyon golden-girl Holly Pritchett had come home—abandoned, alone…and pregnant! The last thing the mother-to-be wanted was for her condition to be broadcast all over town. That's when sexy rancher...