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The Secret Language of Your Child

by David Lewis

What is a toddler trying to say by touching his ears or tilting his head? Dr David Lewis pioneered the study of how young children communicate with each other using gestures and facial expressions and his detailed...

The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

by Elaine Morgan

Why do humans differ from other primates? What do those differences tell us about human evolution? Elaine Morgan gives a revolutionary hypothesis that explains our anatomic anomalies--why we walk on two legs,...

Butcher's Broom

by Neil Gunn

Butcher's Broom is one of Gunn's epic recreations of a key period in Scottish history, the Highland clearances of the nineteenth century. Gunn captures the spirit of Highland culture, the sense of community...

A Sensory Curriculum for Very Special People

by Flo Longhorn

This book was developed from the author’s work with profoundly disabled children, their sensory impairment meant that traditional teaching was unsuccessful as they were unaware of the world around them....

The Medicinal Benefits of Wine Drinking

by E Maury

Health experts and scientists are saying that "wine is good for you". Scientific studies have shown that moderate wine drinking lowers the risk of heart disease (especially red wine which is high in flavonoids),...

The Monocled Mutineer

by John Fairley & William Allison

Percy Toplis was WW1's most guarded secret, the ringleader of the Etaples mutiny. In 1917 British, New Zealand and Australian troops stationed at the étaples Training Camp in northern France protested against...

Sugar Counter for Health

by Elizabeth Roberts

Everyone is talking about sugar. It is recommended that we consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day but most of us are consuming more than that, creating innumerable long-term health problems. How can...

Flight into Danger

by Arthur Hailey & John Castle

George Spencer, a trouble-shooter, found himself in the last available seat on a charter flight out of Winnipeg airport. The other passengers were ordinary people travelling to a baseball game, the crew were...

A Cellarful of Noise

by Brian Epstein

This is Brian Epstein's own account of his extraordinary life and, inevitably, it is the story of the Beatles, the greatest pop group of the twentieth-century. What was the secret of Brian Epstein's management...

The Quest for Gaia

by Kit Pedler

Kit Pedler, the scientist who co-created the 'Doomwatch' television series to warn us of the dangers of technology, presents his vision of a totally different way of being in the world. Mankind, Pedler believes,...

People Who Say Goodbye

by P.Y. Betts

Before the First World War, when Wandsworth was still a countrified suburb, P.Y. Betts grew up there, observing with absolute clarity the behaviour and conversation of the adults around her. She did not always...

Pagan Voyager

by Simon Finch

Vesuvio is the golden Voyager, destined to journey through every cavern of depravity in the ancient world. It is a time when Rome was at its most decadent and throbbing with the muscle of slavery, the First...

The Password is Courage

by John Castle

The man who broke into Auschwitz. When he was captured in France in 1940 Sergeant-Major Charles Coward launched his own private war against the Germans (although he was being held as a prisoner-of-war). For...

Pompeii's Secrets

by Alan Lloyd

Combining fictional characterisation and factual research Alan Lloyd asks who were these people who lived in Pompeii and what were their lives like in those last days before the disaster? Alan Lloyd, an acclaimed...

Mutant 59

by Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis

Based on the classic sci-fi series Doomwatch, Mutant 59 imagines one of the most terrifying tragedies that modern science could create, a chilling and topical story of what happens when scientific research goes...

How to Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties in College and University

by Amanda Kirby

For any adult with specific learning difficulties going to college or university can be a challenge. These can present in the work and home setting, learning new skills, meeting new people, and coping with a...

The Language of the Angels

by Claire Nahmad

The Language of the Angels is an invaluable guide to communicating with the angels, a source to turn to when a situation calls for the help of a specific angel with clear instructions on how to still the mind...

Homage to Gaia

How to Succeed in Employment with Specific Learning Difficulties

by Amanda Kirby

For anyone becoming employed, or in employment, with hidden impairments such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD the work setting can be a real challenge. From getting started "€“ choosing a career, tips on...

Where the Ghosts Walk

by Peter Underwood

Britain is the most haunted country in the world with a wealth of places that feed the imagination, from Cape Head in the north of Scotland to Beachy Head in the south of England it is a land of ghosts and phantoms....