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SHRI SAI BABA's Teachings & Philosophy

by M.B Nimbalkar

Capturing the essence of Sai's teachings, this book offers gems of wisdom that would enable one to lead a pious life devoted to the service of others. Explaining the philosophy of Shirdi Sai Baba on concepts...

5 Steps to A Healthy and Positive Childhood

by Anjali Arora

Childhood brings visions of innocence and mischief. Prior knowledge of various aspects of childhood can help parents guard the child from developing major health problems. The book provides a plethora of information...

5 Steps to A Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

by Anjali Arora

Pregnancy is a time filled with pleasant anticipation. Over the last few decades prenatal tests and counseling have become important factors in monitoring the health of the baby as well as the mother. This is...

5 Steps to Control High Blood Pressure

by Anjali Arora

High blood pressure is a silent killer. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Many people suffer from high blood pressure and are not even aware of it. This book provides basic information on the causes...

101 Great Ideas To Boost Your Business by Kirti C. Desai

by Kirti C. Desai

Most books on personal or business success start with the theory that you need to understand, digest and then put in into practice. However, this book is different. It bypasses the theory port and straightaway...

Shake hands with life

by J.P Vaswani

People often say that life is a battle, which must be conquered; that life is a challenge, which must be faced. Dada J.P. Vaswani's 'take' on life is different; life is the greatest gift bestowed on us, a gift...

The Sterling Book of UNITY IN DIVERSITY

by O.P Ghai

The Temple of Understanding (India Chapter) President: Dr. Karan Singh The Temple of Understanding was founded in 1960 by the American Interfaith activist Juliet Hollister to address the urgent need of our time...


by Vikas Kapoor

The book revolves around all key sequences and incidents from Baba's life. It's about the spiritual journey of his life. It's a fun and interactive way for people to know about Baba. The book will appeal to...

SAI BABA : His Divine Glimpses

by V.B Kher

There have been, in the past, many books on Shri Sai Baba, but this volume is distinguished for the stress on authenticity. Every chapter speaks for the incisive approach adopted by the author who has made a...

Life History of SHIRDI SAI BABA

by Ammula Sambasiva Rao

Life history of Shirdi Sai Baba was originally written in Telugu by Ammula Sambasiva Rao, and translated into English by Thota Bhaskara Rao. The book delves deep into the details of the life of Shirdi Sai Baba...

GOD who Walked on Earth

by Rangaswami Parthasarathy

Who was Sai Baba? Where did he come from and what was his message? How and why was he worshipped as a God? Who were his disciples and why were they attracted to him? What do his devotees, numbering millions...

SAI HARI KATHA - Bhaktisaramrit , Bhaktileelamrit and Santkathamrit

by Dasganu Maharaj

Maharaj authored three books - Bhaktisaramrita, Bhaktileelamrita and Santakathamrita in which he presented the life sketches and teachings of the modern saints. There are seven chapters about Shirdi Sai Baba...


by Rabinder Nath Kakarya

This small book is a collection of historical facts and incidents which took place from the time of arrival of Sai Nath in Shirdi till his Mahasamadhi. Miracles and incidents which actually happened when Baba...

I am always with you : SHIRDI SAI BABA

by Lorraine Walshe Ryan

Divinity exists in every human being. Though we tend to overlook His presence within us, a time comes during our sojourns on earth when we feel an intense craving to experience the Truth. True faith and devotion...

Live healthy & Live Long

by Baldeo Sahai

"Body and mind, and spirit, all combine, to make the Creature, human and divine." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox We all desire to lead a long and happy life. It can be achieved only through a harmonious development of...

Sai Baba's 261 LEELAS - A Treasure house of miracles

by Balkrishna Panday

Balkrishna Pandey's Sai Baba's 261 Leelas is a handy compendium or, as he calls it, an aide-mémoire of 261 miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba, intended for the devotees. Culled from a number of sources, he has obtained...

Shirdi Sai Speaks... Sab Ka Malik Ek

by Sterling Publishers

Baba's quotes have been the source of inspiration to his numerous devotees. His sayings have touched every aspect of our daily lives and show us the right path to achieve self-realisation. These thoughts embalm...

The Sterling Book of HINDUISM

by Karan Singh

Hinduism is the oldest and most varied of all the great religions of the world. It has evolved out of the collective wisdom and inspiration of great seers and sages from the very dawn of India civilisation....


by Shovana Narayan

India's rich cultural legacy has been founded on the abiding faith of the Indians in the divine power, whose worship had found expression through dance. 'Bhakti' or devotion was the underlying essence of the...


by Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura

Buddhist Tales for the Soul is a collection of stories inspired from the life of the author blending real-life experiences with touches of fantasy. The stories are set in different time frames and are from various...