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The Vatican Conspiracy

by Jonathan Cross


Readers will not be able to put down The Vatican Conspiracy, the latest thrilling adventure by Jonathan Cross.

In this mystical suspense novel, the first American/Jewish Pope conspires with the head...

The Eight of Spades: A Law Unto Themselves

by Benjamin J. West

Book Synopsis: Eight handpicked people chosen for their individual skills and beliefs are snatched from their everyday lives and blackmailed into serving their country. --- The team is trained to be the finest...

A Short Story Collection of Horrors, the Bizarre, and the Mysterious

by Carol S. Fowler


The title explains it all. A Short Story Collection of Horrors, the Bizarre, and the Mysterious is a 22-story horror collection ranging from the traditional Halloween story to the very bizarre.


The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

by Jonathan Cross


When Jamieson Stone, the world's most famous television news anchor, apparently commits suicide on live international television, Stone's widow hires detective Michael Brand to find out the truth....

Walking on Mars : A Journey to the Red Planet

by David Gatesbury


It is the year 2037 and Stan Rhodes is the American captain of Endurance III, a V-shaped spacecraft on the last leg of a 56-million-kilometer journey to Mars. It's crucial to the success of the Mars...

The Mind of an Innovator: A Guide to Seeing Possibilities Where None Existed Before

by Ph. D. Patricia Harmon & Patricia Harmon Ph D.

Synopsis: Are you ready for an empowering journey through the many paths to innovation? The Mind of an Innovator is a comprehensive guide to expanding the current limits of your thinking and to seeing opportunities...

Take Charge of Your Thoughts - Create Your Ideal Life

by Marianne Maynard

Synopsis: You are your thoughts -- you create your life. In author Marianne Maynard's powerful book, Take Charge of Your Thought--Create Your Ideal Life, you will learn how to take control of your life through...

A Hypnotic Suggestion

by Allison Jones

Book Synopsis: Michael Friedan was found murdered in his South Carolina home holding evidence that his daughter's husband was cheating on her. A murder, a motive and an arrest-it should have been a simple case...but...

Breaking Loose : An Australian Story

by Sophie Boswell


This story will enthrall you, as you follow Sophie's life from the time she was four years old. Then, she lived in a small Australian town situated on the edge of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland...

The Man Who Saved the Planet

by Cameron H. Chambers


"The Man Who Saved the Planet," shows aliens and psychotic individuals in an entirely new light. Chris Devin, the embattled mentally ill man from Florida, must fight the forces of the CIA, the F.B.I.,...

2052 Prophecies: The Last 40 Years

by Paul V. Suffriti


Mankind may be on the brink of extinction. This story begins with a family living in an underground bunker in the year 2052, while the world above is in total chaos. Nicholas and his family escaped...

The Journey Into Reflection : Volume 1

by Ronnie McMullen

Synopsis: "Eye opening, thrilling and inspiring. A page turner you can't put down! Empowering as well as entertaining." - Kevin Trudeau, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author ---- "A must read for those that like to...

The Magic Word

by Sherrill S. Cannon

Synopsis: The Magic Word is one that everyone needs to learn. "Elisabeth Keys never said thank you, excuse me or please. She made fun of people, she'd argue and tease. She took what she wanted whenever she could,...

Shipwrecks of Madagascar

by Pierre Van Den Boogaerde

"Shipwrecks of Madagascar recounts the stories of about a hundred notable shipwrecks off the coast of Madagascar from ancient to modern times and the fate and adventures of survivors. It covers ships of the...

Ancient Wisdom and the Measure of Our Days: The Spiritual Dimensions of Retirement, Aging and Loss

by Fred Brancato

Book Synopsis: "Ancient Wisdom and the Measure of Our Days is a treasure. Brancato provides his readers with the opportunity to reflect on the universal process of aging while in the company of sages from around...

The Little Dragon's Rescue

by Lynne Pickering


Mary-Jane and Samantha live near an enchanted forest. Lulu, a fairy friend, asks for their help in rescuing a little dragon after a wicked witch has captured him.

The girls have an exciting adventure...

Antiques To Die For

by P. L. Hartman


"Sixteen dealers, sixteen keys. What a nightmare!" exclaimed the detective.

A body has been discovered in a blanket chest at Cider Run Antiques. Could there be a murderer among the dealers at the...

Forever Limitless Love

by Roger Dixie


Allow your imagination to run wild into times long forgotten and stories well known. Follow along with the many lives of our heroine, an angel who was created to be the gift of love. This collection...

Is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Responsible for 9/11? : The American Bureaucracy: A Veteran's Eye-Opening Memoirs

by Dr. Theodore G. Pavlopoulos


Who is responsibility for the 9/11 attacks?

In his eye-opening book, Dr. Theodore G. Pavlopoulos states that the flawed and oppressive personnel system of the federal government opened us up to the...


by Stephen Opondo Omondi


A gripping tale set in the early African missionary era, Within is the story of Wild, a boy with mysterious powers who was conjured into this world through sorcery. Unfortunately the powerful magic...