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Ten Thai short stories — 2010

by Various Authors

Four of these outstanding Thai short stories

are published in English for the first time.

The others appeared first in the Bangkok Post.

All mark new trends in Thai fiction writing

and deserve the widest readership....

Mad dogs & Co

by Chart Korbjitti

Thai hippiedom in its 1980s heyday.

First serialised in a women's magazine,

yet another masterpiece by the author of

1982 SEA Write Award winning The Judgment

and 1994 SEA Write Award winning Time.

Alphaville hotel

by Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa

A writer grappling with his characters

– or is it the other way around? –

in an impish homage to Jean-Luc Godard

and Anna Karina.

Followed by 'A tale without a name',

a layered short story plugged into


Lover Etc

by Win Lyovarin


the doll

an old cloth and a tray of mackerels

the last drop of ink

Alongside Rart Eikkatheit's Three Worlds, four more samples of the work of the most imaginative and versatile Thai writer of experimental...


by Chart Korbjitti

Take half a dozen old women, a monk, sundry vendors,

a few kids, a movie director, a madman and a half-wit;

add a soda bottle and the silver shadow of lotuses;

shake well; and presto:

rich and taut and sweet...

An ordinary story

by Chart Korbjitti

Bangkok in the late 70s.

A tenanted house between jungle and modern civilisation.

The girl next door is struck down by cancer and goes for Thai cures.

Alternately self-righteous, smug, kindly and selfish,


Carrion floating by

by Chart Korbjitti

Trigger a car crash and you are fair game.

A laugh-aloud look at the workings of Thai society today when it comes to milking a sucker dry.

But when said sucker is into advertising, isn't it tit for tat?

By the...

A baker's dozen

by Chart Korbjitti

Thirteen short stories spanning a quarter century

by the most incisive Thai satirist of the times

9 Thai short stories

by Various Authors

A variety of styles and moods by seven leading Thai short story writers of today:

A traffic-wise couple – Sila Komchai

Blood buds – Sila Komchai

The lookers-on – Korn Siriwatthano

A bamboo bridge over rapids...

Rart Eikkatheit's three worlds

by Win Lyovarin

Soldier, pimp or artist?

What is Rart’s real nature?

Is history repeating itself?

By the most inventive and versatile of Thai short story writers,

a tale of social upheavals and human ambiguities

that can...

The murder case of Tok Imam Storpa Karde

by Siriworn Kaewkan

Who killed the old imam, and why?

Your guess is as good as theirs.

The novel every Thai,

everyone concerned with

the situation in Thailand’s deep South,

should read. If only to ponder

on the country's drift...

A scattered world

by Siriworn Kaewkan

When some men are cursed with immortality,

they endeavour to break the curse

and, if successful, turn into sea animals.

A novel of magical realism and verbal magic

set on the fault line of Islam and Buddhism...


by Wimon Sainimnuan

An ageing tycoon wants to achieve immortality

by grafting his brain onto a younger body

— until he is challenged by his very clone.

At stake, there is more than the control of his business empire.

A Thai...

Lord of the land

by Wimon Sainimnuan

Against a background of frenzied land speculation

where all sorts of dirty tricks are par for the course,

who of Abbot Nian and Kharm the Medium

will emerge as the Lord of the Land?

The increasingly

heated competition...

Khoak Phranang

by Wimon Sainimnuan

What happens to common country folk

when they are caught in the jaws

of wayward religion and superstition?

This is what happens, at Khoak Phranang,

the epicentre of rural Thailand in the 1990s.

A short, droll...

The Medium

by Wimon Sainimnuan

One way out of crippling poverty

is by putting yourself at the service

of the spirits of the land

– folk credulity will do the rest.

Thus is born the Medium,

pitting himself against unethical Buddhist monks


The circus of life


The disaffected son of a Thai aristocrat

goes to study law in London in the early 1920s,

only to fall in love with an English journalist and become a reporter.

In England, France, the US, Japan and China,




Sai Seema, a lawyer from the paddy fields,

has his work cut out for him helping his farming relatives

and convincing his lover's aristocratic parents

that he deserves her hand.

This prophetic, 1953 novel about...

Wanlaya's love


Paris after the Second World War:

the Left Bank, Montmartre and Picasso's dove.

Wanlaya is a Thai music student

with challenging ideas and challenged friends,

all engaged in their own ways

in a search for the...

The field of the great


This vivid chronicle of an upcountry district in the heart of Siam

is told through the rise of Ruen, an aspiring timber trader

who leads a small community of farmers in its fight against nature

and against...