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To The Death

by Peter R. Hall

Focusing on the emergence of Christianity and its suppression by the Romans in the first century, To The Death provides a riveting fictional account of the historical beginnings of Christianity. In the first...

Legacy of Sorrows

by Roberto Buonaccorsi

Legacy of Sorrows comprises of two stories in one volume. The Witness focuses on the massacre of almost two thousand Italian civilians by the German SS during World War II. A thirteen-year-old boy sees his family...

Who Was Angela Zendalic

by Mary Cavanagh

Who Was Angela Zendalic? is set in Oxford, in the locality of Jericho and the world of University academia, encompassing the past and the present. A deeply moving and sensitive story told with skill, humour,...

Apportionment of Blame

by Keith Redfern

When Joyce Hetherington loses her half-sister in a tragic and mysterious railway accident, she calls on her old school friend, Greg Mason, to investigate. Greg has recently begun his own private detective agency...

The Dark Horizon

by Simon Hall

A television reporter is forced to turn detective in order to solve a bizarre riddle and try to prevent one of the worst terrorist atrocities Britain has ever known. The young are set against the old, today...

The Woman Who Dared to Dare

by William Coles

Kim is a young trainee reporter in the Cotswolds. He has the luck to be swimming every morning with the astonishingly beautiful Sasha. Men go crazy for her. Kim dreams up a plan to win her heart: for a full...

Blood, Love and Steel: A Musketeer's Tale

by Jennifer Fulford & Jennifer M. Fulford

Athos, the famed Musketeer, has become a Paris sideshow. His antics mask a menacing heartache from cruel memories of his first true love, Milady, and he is driven to attempt a suicidal dare that he believes...


by Fergus O'Connell

Autumn, 1914. Clara, a passionate young London wife and the mother of two small girls, has seen both her husband and the man she loves go off to fight on the front. The inept generals take over from the inept...

The Infidels

by Joe David

The Great War began with two shots: one aimed at the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Hapsburg throne, and the other aimed at his wife, Sophie. What many thought would be just another Balkan squabble quickly...

The Charlton Men

by Paul Breen

‘The Charlton Men’, the first part of a trilogy set in South London, combines literary fiction with a love of football. Set in the historic surrounds of Greenwich and Charlton, the novel interweaves the rich...

Chemical Attraction

by Mike Uden

Ben and Lily couldn’t be more different. He’s flash, brash Bermondsey boy – an advertising man – and she’s a quiet, bookish English teacher from genteel Beckenham. In fact, the only thing they seem to...

Granny Yaga: A Fantasy Novel

by Vitali Vitaliev

“‘Granny Yaga’ follows the switchback adventures of a boy called Danya (Danny), born in Eastern Europe, but now living in north London where the local she-dragons are notorious fighters, and any alert passer-by...

Forever the Colours

by Richard Thomas

When Tommy Evans regains consciousness after being injured on the battlefield of modern-day Afghanistan, the world around him is not the same. Filled with cannon smoke, gunfire and the whinnying of horses, Tommy...

The System

by Stan Kolodziej

Jimmy, Ann and Kaz are fed up with the System – the network of corporations and government operations that has destroyed their families and, even now, threatens the privacy and security of ordinary American...

Content Burns

by Stephanie Smith & Stephanie A. Smith

“Content Burns” chronicles the parallel stories of two women from the same family who bear the same Puritan name, Content Burns, and who are separated by three centuries: One born a Pequot Indian, originally...

The Old People

by A. J. Perry

Since the beginnings of darkest silence the people of a mythical island have spent their days tying the ancient knot that binds them to their ancestors. To tie this knot they must dig a hole; to dig a hole they...

The Kingdom of the Wind

by Hiroyuki Itsuki & Meredith McKinney

Journalist Takashi Hayami meets Ai Katsuragi, a member of a religious organization, Tenmu Jinshinko, which meets secretly at the tomb of the Emperor Nintoku. The group adheres to the nomadic way of life of its...

Kutze, Stepp'n on Wheat

by Shinji Ishii & David Karashima

Alone on a midsummer night, Cat wakes to find a stranger dressed in yellow ‘rat-a-tap, tapping’ his feet. Captivated by the music of Kutze’s steps, Cat resolves to travel abroad and tread wheat alongside...

Punk Samurai Slash Down

by Kou Machida, Ko Machida & Wayne P. Lammers

Glimpsing an elderly man leading his blind daughter on a pilgrimage, Junoshin Kakiri, a ‘ronin’ or freelance samurai, swiftly kills him with a sword. Asked why he murdered such an innocent, Junoshin shares...

The Key to Music¿s Genetics: Why Music is Part of Being Human

by Christian Lehman, Holger Fleck & Holger Flock

Christian Lehmann brings his experience as a musicologist, singer and academic to this fascinating journey through the origins of music and its role in human development, culture and society. Few books on music...