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The Priest, His Lady and the Drowned Child

by Mary Cavanagh

For twenty years, Father Ewan McEwan, a Roman Catholic priest, has enjoyed a passionate long-term relationship with Lady Marina Proudfoot, an older woman of great beauty and refinement, whose two-year-old daughter...

George Orwell S Commander in Spain: The Enigma of Georges Kopp

by Marc Wildermeersch & Marc Wildemeersch

With a focus on the relationship between Orwell and Kopp during the Spanish Civil War, ‘George Orwell’s Commander in Spain: The Enigma of Georges Kopp’ is the first biography of a fascinating figure: double...

A Family at War

by Herb Hamlet

Niall Cullen wants a better life for his family. They’re gripped by the Great Depression and times are tough. But the move from Scotland to New South Wales, Australia is harder than expected and the experience...

Guardians of the Jesus Gene


As Nero’s Rome burns, Christ’s brother, Simon, and Pontius Pilate’s daughter, Clodia, are thrown together in the war between Rome and Jerusalem. Their son, Joshua, is the genetic link to Jesus, an inheritance...

Unholy Orders

by Roger Bishop

The Church of England, like its Catholic counterpart, is not without its failings. But for a chancer like Richard Walker, who discovers himself a part of this august institution, the possibilities are endless....


by David Barry

Why has life suddenly become so complicated for affable Freddie Weston? He supplies bouncers to London clubs and always puts his family first. But his daughter’s involvement with a rock guitarist ignites an...

The Woman Who Was the Desert Dream

by William Coles

Meet Kim – a middle-aged hack, ripe for a mid-life crisis. Meet Kate – his feisty colleague, half his age. And meet the Marathon des Sables – not just the world’s toughest footrace, but also the burning...

Day of the Angel

by Irina Muravyova & John Dewey

‘Day of the Angel’ follows the fates and fortunes of three generations of the Ushakov family, members of the Russian émigré community living in Paris following the Revolution. Against the historical background...

Servant and Mistress

by Lucinda Rhys-Evans

‘Servant and Mistress’ is a story of lust and love set in Hong Kong and Japan. An ex-pat academic, Stephen Mason, decides to turn his back on monogamous relationships and investigate his submissive side by...

The Servant and Mistress Stories

by Lucinda Rhys-Evans

Ten tales of off-centre lust set mostly in Hong Kong. Told sometimes from the female perspective and sometimes from the male, these tales are ostensibly the fantasies of the ex-pat academic Stephen Mason, whose...

How to Find WORK in the 21st Century: A Guide to Finding Employment in Today¿s Workplace

by Ron McGowan

A comprehensive guide to finding meaningful employment with tips on how to define what you have to offer employers, how to market and sell yourself, how to network effectively and how to use social media tools...


by Fergus O'Connell

Summer, 1914. Clara, a passionate young London wife and the mother of two small girls, is married to Henry, a manager at an insurance company, but the marriage is not in good shape. Both of them have, in their...

The Bittersweet Vine

by Marissa de Luna

Maria Shroder wakes up on the morning of the 28th of September as though it were any other. She is alone in her apartment, her music is playing softly in the background… but her wrists and neck, though void...

The the Isle of South Kamui and Other Stories

by Kyotaro Nishimura & Ginny Tapley Takemori

A young Tokyoite doctor accepts a post on a remote island south of Okinawa. When a highly contagious fatal disease breaks out, he has to choose between saving himself or saving others. [NP] A hormone-ridden...

Publish and Promote Your Ebook IN A DAY

by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones

This book explains how to turn your manuscript into an ebook and use various online market channels to sell it. The opening chapters explain how to improve your book’s prospects for commercial success by writing...

Multichannel Marketing to Sell Your Book Around the World in a Day

by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones

If you want to sell your book abroad, you should be clear about what you are likely to achieve and set reasonable goals. You need to integrate your marketing approach and engage your global audience, which involves...

Guerrilla Marketing and DIY Distribution for Your Book IN A DAY

by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones

Sometimes you will need to think outside the box and engage in “guerrilla marketing” techniques when marketing your book in a day. Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost, innovative...

Secure Reviews and Set Yourself Up As a Reviewer IN A DAY

by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones

To raise your literary profile and market your book, it is essential to secure positive reviews and endorsements from well-recognized and well-respected literary experts. There are many pitfalls to avoid in...

Set Up a Website and Blog for Your Book in a Day

by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones

A website and blog can build your author brand and showcase your book. In this book, we explain how to choose a suitable domain name and what rich content and key words you should include. Your website should...

Old, Bold and Won¿t Be Told: Shakespeare¿s Amazing Ageing Ladies

by Yvonne Oram

Old women in Early Modern plays are stereotypically presented as ugly, randy, mouthy, mad. So Shakespeare is rare among dramatists of the day for his lively and empowering depictions of ageing ladies. This well-researched,...