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Harnessed Pleasures

by Carrie De Souza

Lara went to Greece for a holiday, expecting a relaxing time away from the demands of her job, but her holiday lasted exactly the amount of time it took her to clear Customs and walk past the taxi rank and no...

Mandy's Training - Volume 1

by Peter Malin

The narrator of this story has a powerful persona over women. When he meets the beautiful but docile Mandy, he knows he wishes to have her as his personal submissive and from the very start, over dinner, he...

Captured Trailer Girl

by Carrie De Souza

Abigail, in Florida for a conference, accepts a lift from Rocky and finds herself back at his trailer home, learning the first rule - that what Rocky wants, Rocky gets! Her name is taken, replaced with a new...

The Training Estate - Volume 3: Enslaved

by Nick Downes

Life at the Peon Estate takes a new turn when one of the patrons arrives with his teenage son, who is about to get his first taste of dominance and slavery. Three girls also arrive at the Estate, in crates,...


by Dania Rouge

The Scarab is a nasty little chastity device created by David Landers, the narrator of this story. Once in place the removal is a torturous process. However, the controller which goes with it can be programmed...

Mandy's Training - Volume 2

by Peter Malin

Mandy's stringent training as a submissive continues with a weekend party at which she is an honoured 'guest'. Used as payment for the hire of a limousine and finally invited to pleasure her own secretary/PA!...

Lured Into Submission

by Nick Downes

Margaret is married to an aristocrat who treats her like a slave, which, in some strange way, she rather enjoys. But her husband has darker plans than she ever dreamt of. Her orders are to find a beautiful,...

Pampered and Punished

by JL Jones

Candy is young, carefree and rarely covered up; enchanting or shocking the residents of Bayview in turn. She has a room in the house owned by Blanche and Irma and owes them money for rent. There seems to be...

The Heat of Submission

by Peter Malin

An investigation is under way to discover who knew what and Carol knows she has sailed a little too close to the wind this time. First came the messages on her screen, then the book in her post box which she...

The Training Estate - Volume 2: The Torturer Enslaved

by Nick Downes

The Torturer Enslaved. Paula Harding a proud, arrogant, sadistic torturer, has been betrayed by her employer and now finds herself a helpless whipped slave in the power of the Peon Estate where mercy is an unknown...

Voyage of Terror

by JD Jensen

The sailing ship is loaded with convicts on their way to the dreaded Hell on earth penal colony of Port Cayonne. The captain is content to have the 100 men and 30 women supervised by the sadistic Madam Latour,...

Victim of the Witch Queen

by Bruce McLachlan

Captured by the Witch Queen, and locked away in the dungeons for no other reason than the fact that she is there to be tormented; Tanya must realise this is to be her grisly fate. Ecaping from unbearable pain...

Pony Boy

by Patrick O'Neill

The narrator awakes from an induced sleep to a different life to that which he had before. Someone... no idea who... has evidently paid a lot of cash to have him incarcerated, perhaps seeking revenge. However,...

Lady Morgana's Slavegirl

by Bruce McLachlan

The sequel to 'Samantha's Slavery' by the same author. Our heroine, Samantha, rescued from the streets by the dominatrix Lady Morgana, is beginning life as a fully-fledged slavegirl. Apart from serving her mistress,...


by Joe Simpson Walker

A snowstorm leaves Splash and her motorbike stranded in a desolate countryside. She is rescued by Louise Lovedrool, who reluctantly takes her home where she is introduced to the odd 'family', who delight in...

Livestock and Other Stories

by Various Various

Stephen Douglas brings us a tale of 'animals' on a ranch. 'Buck' tells us about the would-be author who wrote herself into tied up adventures and Martin Hughes has a baby-sitter ready and waiting. Vashti la...

Without Consent - Volume 3

by Bo Alexander

Colleen has managed to escape but a 'friendly' police officer takes her straight back to her captors. Michelle is being horribly abused and Colleen is left, bound and hurting, for her sins. Escape is in sight,...

Weekend Slave

by Roget Gaiton

Meeting the 'normal' couple at a BDSM party didn't seem to pose any long term threat to the writer's way of life, until they turned up on his doorstep, suitcase in hand, with the Master offering his slave for...

Tales of the New Order

by Leo Fray

In the year 2020, after years of stop-go economy and recession, the British people, like their French counterparts over two hundred years before, came out onto the streets. In the short and bloody conflict that...

Shiri - Roman Pony Girl

by Allen Towne

Shiri, a young servant girl of the Romans, has endured much torment and in order to work off the frustration of her new role she asks permission to race around the track, which immediately draws attention to...