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Last Ape Standing: The Seven-Million-Year Story of How and Why We Survived

by Chip Walter

Over the past 150 years scientists have discovered evidence that at least twenty-seven species of humans evolved on planet Earth. These weren't simply variations on apes, but upright-walking humans who lived...

A History of the World in 6 Glasses

by Tom Standage

From beer to Coca-Cola, the six drinks that have helped shape human history.

The King's Messenger: Prince Bandar bin Sultan and America's Tangled Relationship With Saudi Arabia

by David B Ottaway

"As a study of the larger-than-life figure who served as broker of the strange, complex and conflicted marriage between America and Arabia, Mr Ottaway's work is surely definitive." -The Economist

The Last Algonquin

by Theodore Kazimiroff

The Last Algonquin is the gripping story of Joe Two Trees, the last of his people, and his bitter struggle, remarkable courage, and constant quest for dignity and peace.

An Edible History of Humanity

by Tom Standage

The bestselling author of A History of the World in 6 Glasses charts an enlightening history of humanity through the foods we eat.

The Basque History of the World

by Mark Kurlansky

From the author of Cod-the illuminating story of an ancient and enigmatic people.

Timbuktu: The Sahara's Fabled City of Gold

by Marq De Villiers & Sheila Hirtle

Using sources dating deep into Timbuktu's fabled past, alongside interviews with Tuareg nomads and city residents and officials today, de Villiers and Hirtle have produced a spectacular portrait that brings...

The Electric Life of Michael Faraday

by Alan Hirshfeld

In The Electric Life of Michael Faraday, Alan Hirshfeld presents a portrait of an icon of science.

The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake: 1577-1580

by Samuel Bawlf

Samuel Bawlf masterfully recounts the drama of the extraordinary expedition of Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe to within the context of England's struggle to withstand the aggression of Catholic...

The Private Lives of Birds: A Scientist Reveals the Intricacies of Avian Social Life

by Bridget Stutchbury

A renowned biologist explores the evolutionary and environmental reasons behind why birds do what they do.

Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril

by Margaret Heffernan

Turning a blind eye in our professional, civic, and personal lives is the biggest risk we run--but we are all capable of clearer vision.

The Dragon and the Foreign Devils: China and the World, 1100 B.C. to the Present

by Harry Gelber

In The Dragon and the Foreign Devils, Harry Gelber illuminates China's present by looking at the broad sweep of foreign relations in its past.

In the Kingdom of the Sick: A Social History of Chronic Illness in America

by Laurie Edwards

Thirty years ago, Susan Sontag wrote, "Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship in the kingdom of the well and the kingdom of the sick ... Sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify...

Midlife Eating Disorders: Your Journey to Recovery

by Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D.

In most people's minds, "eating disorder" (ED) conjures images of a thin, white, upper-middle-class teenage girl. The ED landscape has changed. Countless men and women in midlife and beyond, from all ethnic...

The International Bank of Bob: Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time

by Bob Harris

Hired by ForbesTraveler.com to review some of the most luxurious accommodations on Earth, and then inspired by a chance encounter in Dubai with the impoverished workers whose backbreaking jobs create such opulence,...

Everybody Matters: My Life Giving Voice

by Mary Robinson

One of the most inspiring women of our age, Mary Robinson has spent her life in pursuit of a fairer world, becoming a powerful and influential voice for human rights around the globe. Displaying a gift for storytelling...

How to Mellify a Corpse: And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science & Superstition

by Vicki León

In How to Mellify a Corpse, Vicki Le�n brings her particular hybrid of history and humor to the entwined subjects of science and superstition in the ancient world, from Athens and Rome to Mesopotamia, the...

The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love, and Longing in the Ancient World

by Vicki León

In her previous books, Vicki Le�n put readers in the sandals of now obsolete laborers, ranging from funeral clowns to armpit pluckers, and untangled the twisted threads of superstition and science in antiquity....

Words from the White House: Words and Phrases Coined or Popularized by America’s Presidents

by Paul Dickson

The founding fathers (a term created by Warren G. Harding for his "front porch campaign" of 1920) felt that coining words and creating new uses for old ones was part of their role in creating a new American...

Spectrums: Our Mind-boggling Universe from Infinitesimal to Infinity

by David Blatner

In Spectrums, David Blatner blends narrative and illustration to illuminate the variety of spectrums that affect our lives every day: numbers, size, light, sound, heat, and time.There is actually surprisingly...