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Criminal Psychology

by Francis Pakes & Suzanne Pakes

This book explores the application of psychology to understanding the crime phenomenon, criminal behaviour, solving crimes, the court process and punishment rehabilitation. It provides an accessible introduction...

Become a Problem-Solving Crime Analyst

by Ronald Clarke & John E. Eck

Crime analysis has become an increasingly important part of policing and crime prevention, and thousands of specialist crime analysts are now employed by police forces worldwide. This is the first book to set...

Policing, Ethics and Human Rights

by Peter Neyroud & Alan Beckley

Ethical and human rights issues have assumed an increasingly high profile in the wake of miscarriages of justice, racism (Lawrence Inquiry), incompetence and corruption - in both Britain and overseas. At the...

Gender and Policing

by Louise Westmarland

Gender and Policing is an innovative study of the real world of street policing and the gender issues which are a central part of this. Derived from extensive ethnographic research (involving police responses...

French Criminal Law

by Catherine Elliott

This book provides a clear and accessible account and analysis of French criminal law in English, the first to have been written.

French criminal law has been highly influential in the development of criminal...

Crime: Local and Global

by John Muncie, Deborah Talbot & Reece Walters

Crime: Local and Global and its sister text Criminal Justice: Local and Global are two new teaching texts that aim to equip the reader with a critical understanding of the globally contested nature of 'crime'...

Penal Populism, Sentencing Councils and Sentencing Policy

by Arie Freiberg & Karen Gelb

Public outcries and political platforms based on misinformation and misconceptions about the criminal justice system and current sentencing practice occur all too often in democratic societies. Penal Populism,...

Crime Prevention

by Nick Tilley

This book provides a concise and up-to-date account of crime prevention theory, practice and research in a form designed to be accessible and interesting to both students and practitioners.

Readers will be equipped...

Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, Policy and Practice

by Wayne Taylor, Rod Earle & Richard Hester

What knowledge and skills do you need to practise effectively as a professional within the youth justice system? What values should inform your work with children and young people subject to criminal justice...

Sex Offenders in the Community

by Amanda Matravers

This book explores current criminal justice responses to the management of individuals who are convicted of sexual offences. It aims to help policy-makers, practitioners and students to develop an informed position...

Rethinking What Works with Offenders

by Stephen Farrall

This important and original new book reports on a major investigation of the outcomes of probation supervision, is concerned with the key question of what works in probation, and comes at an important moment...

Confronting Crime: Crime Control Policy Under New Labour

by Michael Tonry

From Labour's promise to be 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' through to the White Paper and new criminal justice legislation, controlling crime and reforming the criminal justice system has been...

Crime and Inequality

by Chris Grover

This book examines key relationships between material circumstances and crime, and analyzes the areas of social policy - in particular social security and labour market policy - that are most important in terms...

Criminal Investigation: An Introduction to Principles and Practice

by Peter Stelfox

Criminal Investigation provides an authoritative and highly readable introduction to the subject from somebody ideally placed to write about it, focusing on how police practitioners carry out investigations. It...

Crimes Against Nature: Environmental Criminology and Ecological Justice

by Rob White

This book draws upon the disciplines of environmental studies, environmental sociology and environmental management as well as criminology and socio-legal studies, to provide a systematic account and analysis...

Alcohol and Crime

by Gavin Dingwall

Alcohol is massively associated with crime. Evidence from the British Medical Association found that alcohol use is associated with 60-70 per cent of murders, 70 per cent of stabbings, 50 per cent of fights...

Forensic Psychologists Casebook: Psychological Profiling and Criminal Investigation

by Laurence Alison

This book provides practical information which demonstrates how forensic psychology contributes to police investigations, answering the question 'What do practitioners actually do when they provide advice for...

Investigative Interviewing

by Tom Williamson

The objective of this book is to review the position of investigative interviewing in a variety of different countries, with different types of criminal justice systems, and consists of chapters written by leading...

Introduction to Police Work

by Colin Rogers & Rhobert Lewis

This book provides a highly readable and up to date introduction to the work of the police, exploring what this currently involved and the directions it may be going in. It is designed for student police officers...

Treating Sex Offenders: An Introduction to Sex Offender Treatment Programmes

by Sarah Brown

This book aims to provide an introduction and overview of sex offender treatment programmes, designed for students and practitioners coming to this field. It seeks to describe the development, theoretical underpinnings,...