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I wrote several short stories some years back during a Certificate of General Education for Adults (CGEA) course. Done to catch up on some of the High School studies I missed out on as a kid (I had joined the Navy as a 16-year-old while the Vietnam War was on and had some gaps in my education).

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The Two Angels

by Eamonn Gosney

It is said that until you meet an Angel, your life will be 'poorer' for it. So what happens when Two Angels meet?


by Eamonn Gosney

People were not thinking straight. The vast bulk of the human race didn’t know why...


by Eamonn Gosney

A - through his own eyes - 'first-person/rabbit' account of a little creature called Snowy.

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onnneybook (3 books)
Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:00:18 +0100

The Two Angels
This story is excellent! What more can I say? I really enjoyed reading it. You set the scene so well with the opening ... the Premier and officialdom ...
then the ending was filthy---" (Anne).