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Go Back to the Beginning

by T.C. James

Haley has had an interesting year but the beginning marks the day she left her husband of almost five years after discovering his infidelity was not just suspicion it was fact. Move forward seven months into...

Friends, Benefits, and Doubts

by T.C. James

It is the summer before Tara and Scarlett's senior year of High School. The summer everything changes, the summer when old friends revisit their lives. Daniel, dark and dangerous seeks out the girl who left...

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Commented on The Finding

tcapuano131 (2 books)
Sun, 20 Feb 2011 18:35:50 +0100

What another fantastic read! Thank you for consuming yet another day (or more) of my imagination with ALL of your enticing and provoking characters. I also agree with WonderWorldJ in the relm of you and S.C. Stephens as talented authors and entertainers of the imagination. I would be honored to meet with either of you or just to receive feedback as an aspiring writer as well. Thank you, hope you recover quickly, and grace us with another adventure in the near future! Cheers! :)

Commented on Friends, Benefits, and Doubts

tcapuano131 (2 books)
Wed, 26 Jan 2011 16:43:16 +0100

This is my 1st attempt at publishing, let alone letting someone read what I've written. It rough around the edges but I had a great time creating it. Thanx for reading!