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H.D. Timmons was born in Brooklyn, NY and is currently a Creative Director living in Kernersville, NC.
Extending his creative efforts toward pursuing a writing career, Mr. Timmons has authored sevveral self-published ebooks, been published in Adoption Today Magazine, RetailerNOW Magazine, and Strata Magazine (online). He always has several works of fiction in progress and is looking for literary representation.

Books Published (5 books)

Conversations with Corpses

by H.D. Timmons

In Zombie Resurrection (Episode #3 of the Tale of Tom Zombie series available at www.hdtimmons.com) Tom Dexter, a.k.a. Tom Zombie, found himself in the darkened, stifling confines of a tractor trailer truck...



The Time Traveler's Lament

by H.D. Timmons

For two decades Eric Montague has traveled back in time to the scene of his wife’s fatal accident. Even though he grieves for her constantly, he is willing to repeatedly relive the heartache of her death because...

The Hog Killin'

by H.D. Timmons

A Tennessee mountain family finds their tradition of a yearly hog killin’ upset by family tragedy.



Stages of Invisibility

by H.D. Timmons

For anyone who has ever felt they were vanishing from existence.

The Dirt Eaters

by H.D. Timmons

Set in the 1960s of America's rural south, a young black woman is forced to reckon with her cultural eating disorder of eating dirt.

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hdtimmons (5 books)
Tue, 08 Mar 2011 03:53:23 +0100

I hope you like my short stories and I'd love to hear your comments.