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Born and raised in the midwestern US, D. Jason Fleming has since lived in several locales worldwide, and worked at a wide variety of jobs, from manual labor to keeping the books of a corporation to teaching English as a second language. He believes that writers should have more experience of life and the world than can be found in an English department on a typical university campus, and has led his life accordingly.

Books Published (2 books)

Spring That Never Came

by D. Jason Fleming

When you've lost everything,
sometimes all you can do —
is save the world.
*** Tammy Kirsch has had her shot at fame. She came to Hollywood with stars in her eyes and lint in her pockets and looks that would...

For the fragile Muses...

by D. Jason Fleming

Sometimes, the course of your life is set out firmly in your mind. Other times, it's set by the music you chance to hear in the middle of the night when you can't sleep. And other times...