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Commented on Little Brother

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 17:34:06 +0200

A riveting book. Although I'm not too techie, the discussions on tech topics were pretty well explained that a less geeky person could understand. Now, after reading this, I find myself wishing that I had pursued an engineering or computer studies. Fantastic ideas, though a little scary. The author can really draw me into the story. Great Techno Thriller! Two thumbs up!

Commented on For The Win

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 17:22:12 +0200

Great work! Living in a Third World country and playing MMORPG, albeit only for fun, I find the concept of selling virtual "gold" totally believable. As always M. Doctorow shows his expertise on the topic he writes on. The story moves on an even pace, some extensive discussions on game economics. I could not help but cheer for the characters, players and gold farmers he has created. A massively enjoyable read! Thank you, M. Doctorow!