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Bestrashny part 2 The History

by Abhay Adil

This is the second chapter of the Project Code: Bestrashny In this chapter the history of the project is explored

Project Code: Bestrashny (The Beginning)

by Abhay Adil

The story of Umesh Kain told through his own words. The extraordinary story of how he gained certain superhuman abilities and the actions he took with his new found power. Make no mistake he is no hero nor is...

Dream Odyssey (With Lovecraft As Guide)

by Abhay Adil

Influenced by Dante's Inferno A Tale of a narrator's journey through the dream realm with H.P. Lovecraft as guide




by Abhay Adil

A black comedy about a incident that takes place in the course of one night between four friends

On The Wings of Valkyries

by Abhay Adil

A short poem on the viking folklore on Norse mythology of Indo-European religion.




by Abhay Adil

Willoughby is a poem inspired by "The Twilight Zone” episode “A stop at Willoughby”. This ebook contains the single poem and the explanation and interpretation by the poet of both the poem and the “The...

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abhay9 (9 books)
Wed, 06 Jul 2011 08:08:39 +0200

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