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The Glove Letters

by Kurt Ulmer

Letters from the edge as the search for the mysterious glove touches people’s lives in simple ways, in sad moments, at turbulent times, under pitiable circumstances and in ways that will touch your heart and...

Gary H., not quite the real thing

by Kurt Ulmer

Gary H. had a lovely wife, a good business and everything looked fine. Then why make calls from a public phone, every weekday at 10.05 AM? He had a perfectly good telephone at home and an iphone as well. Gary,...


by Kurt Ulmer

A short story about how you get over it and where you end up that says a lot about you. Come on a short,bumpy ride.



Blackface Sheep

by Kurt Ulmer

How Australian sheep got their black faces.

400 Words

by Kurt Ulmer

This is a brief (400 word) guide to writing and assessing short stories. Especially my own. Some writers object to a structure for stories. That is fine as long as you realize that no structure is a structure...

Chick Magnet

by Kurt Ulmer

Being a chick magnet is fine as long as it doesn't get you into trouble. Albert had some serious explaining to do as things went awry.

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Commented on Wherefore Love's Shadow

KurtUlmer (30 books)
Sun, 26 Feb 2012 11:18:25 +0100

After more than 6,700 free downloads, I wonder if I have been too generous. What should I be charging? 99 cents, $1-99? How much?

Commented on The Masked Transformer

KurtUlmer (30 books)
Fri, 28 Oct 2011 08:40:42 +0200

Review by: StreetWise Publications on Oct. 21, 2011 : 5 stars
I didn't find this scary. I did find it to be very well written and absorbing. There is the element of good versus evil but for me it was not scary. Or was it? Maybe as a writer and educator I was paying too much attention to the writing and not the story itself. It was very much a can't put down story, always a sign of good, tight writing and excellent story construction. It made me want to know what it was all about and put it in… (more)