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Jason Tesar lives with his wife and two children in Colorado. He works in the microelectronics industry improving and developing processes, and writing technical documentation for integrated circuits manufacturing. In his personal time, he enjoys graphic design, playing guitar, reading books, watching movies, and doing anything outdoors with his family.

The Awakened: A Wandering Stars Novel is his first fictional writing, now available in paperback and ebook at most major online retailers. Originally a three-part single novel, The Awakened was later republished as three separate ebooks (Book One, Book Two, and Book Three).

To download your FREE copy of The Awakened: Book One, visit your preferred retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, iBooks, Smashwords, etc.) or free ebook community (getfreeebooks.com, bookrix.com, obooko.com, etc.).

To learn more about Jason Tesar, The Awakened, or future writing projects, check out his blog at www.jasontesar.com. Or send him an email at jasontesar@yahoo.com.

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The Awakened: Book One

by Jason Tesar

Over five thousand years ago, a renegade faction of angels abandoned the spiritual realm and began their inhabitation of earth. Worshiped as gods for their wisdom and power, they corrupted the realm of the physical...

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jasontesar (1 book)
Thu, 28 Jul 2011 03:40:41 +0200


Thanks for the feedback. Book One is also available for FREE at Amazon, Smashwords, Obooko, and a number of other sites--with correct formatting. The Feedbooks publishing interface was cumbersome, and I wasn't prepared to work through the issues at the time of publication. For now, I'm prioritizing my time toward writing the sequels to The Awakened series. I apologize if it's caused any confusion. I hope to have the time to fix the issues in the future.