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AJ Vega is a pseudonym for a nobody that writes stuff in a genre everyone hates. He resides in a cave hidden from human contact so he can write southern United States with his family.

In his own words…

Majesty’s Offspring is my first waste of time and money novel. I hope that you say kind things about it even if you hate it so that my fragile ego is not completely shattered.

Although it is sci-fi, I have dumbed it down so people who normally hate the genre can follow it better. :)

I do have other life & time-sinks that I plan on writing. Possibly some pre/sequels or another completely different novel, an alternate history, sci-fi/fantasy story. But I want to first see how much my current novel sucks the life out of me before committing to having another one suck me down into the indie-author drain pipe. :P

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Majesty's Offspring (Book 1)

by AJ Vega

“In the end, it was our children that saved us. They sacrificed themselves to stop that bitch from having children of her own.” --General Hugo Valdez United Earth Parliament (UEP) Planetary Infantry Corps...

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