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Commented on Black Silk

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 18:28:18 +0100

I read this book over Christmas and forgot to leave a post. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the characters of Vic & Cole. Would love to see more of similar genre form this author in future! It was a great read with a twist I didn't see coming!
Exellent story!

Commented on Smolder (Dragon Souls)

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 18:16:15 +0100

I really enjoyed this book from PF, the characters and are brilliant! Their interactions, banter and by-play - I haven't seen such good and funny stuff since Buffy (miss that show so much), such great ensemble writing. It was a great deal of fun to read and had me laughing out load!!!!! Can't wait for Burn to read the continuing adventures of Marina, Koen, Daniil, Brat and Boy!!!!!!! Loved everything in this. It's not as dark as some of the other books (always an edge of sinister and darkness… (more)