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phwushhh. Hi yo hello howdy everybody.

I'm Julie, you can call me Julie. I'm Australian.

My eBooks are free (buhcuzz all the good things in life are free (like air)... and because I'm not that great).

And I publish under 'juliemort'. Just because I can.

In fact you can even call me Juliemort. I lied - just call me Julie.


Books Published (2 books)

Sweet Dreamers

by juliemort

A collection of poetry about everything under the sun; words from the eyes of a girl just trying her best to wade through the ocean that is life. Give it a try? :) - juliemort.

Bronzed Emeralds

by juliemort

A Harry Potter X Twilight cross-over short story. Edward Cullen still has doubts about his mate, Harry, and the situation they've found themselves in. The young man was a Wizard, sure, but he was still human;...