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In Just One Moment

by Wendy Nettles

Four best friends travel to LA for a final hoorah before graduating college, but once there, one will find herself lost in the lure of the famed city. Laney Gold has it all going for her...a loving family, a...

Oak Trees with Pink Leaves

by Wendy Nettles

Christina had loved Rafael for her entire life, all eight years of it anyway. When she is moved away from Rafael across the country, she pines for him and her home in New Orleans for years. But time has a way...

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Commented on Second Chance Romance

wendyn1998 (2 books)
Tue, 10 Apr 2012 09:48:50 +0200

I absolutely loved this story. It was wonderful and entertaining. I can't wait for more characters and to read more about them. You have an amazing ability.

Commented on Dreams of Another Time

wendyn1998 (2 books)
Mon, 09 Apr 2012 05:48:24 +0200

Maryann, I loved your book. It has a very good story line and good character developement. The only negatives I see here is the editing. Several times I came across words that didn't seem to fit the dialogue, or where misspelled. Don't worry though, my first book I put out for people to read also contained many errors. As authors, when we read our own material, we already know the scenes and the things going on and we tend to skim through the work, missing the more detailed errors that others… (more)