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My name is Owen Zabel. I have created a site called "publicdomainshortstories.com", where about twenty of my short stories are to be seen. I have declared all of them to be in the public domain. I also have many other short stories that are not in the public domain, and I am seeking an agent and/or publisher. I hope you take the time to read some of my work. I think you will be entertained in ways that you might not expect.

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by Owen Zabel

This is a story about an old man and his toys, or maybe it’s about something else...

Drawn From Life

by Owen Zabel

Genius appears where we least expect it.

Mr. Perkins

by Owen Zabel

Sometimes a pet is like a member of the family. Other times, well...

The Way Back

by Owen Zabel

Did you ever return from a vacation and wonder if you should have just stayed there?

Where the Wild Things Were

by Owen Zabel

I believe that children are the future...



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Is anyone out there? Any comments would be welcome! OZ