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Dreaming up interesting characters and building exciting stories around them has been the one serious hobby I maintained throughout my childhood into adulthood. I'm 39 now and even though Middle Age is still a number of years off, I can see it coming at me fast out of the distance and picking up speed, like a sign at the side of the highway. Would-be novelists question their talent and I am no different so I have turned to Feedbooks to put my work through the litmus test of general popularity. More than any other genre, I find science fiction to be the most rewarding field to read and write in because even though science and technology experts claim that they can "see" what is coming ten or fifteen years from now, the future is still unwritten and adding my voice to those undreamt of possibilities is an exhilirating challenge. Thanks for visiting my Feedbooks profile. I hope there's a story in my work that makes your visit worthwhile.

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The Little Loan

by K. Michael Coleman

A mysterious woman attempts to hire Robert Craighe, a senior investigator with the Confidential Inquiries Agency, but she disappears before he can learn her name or what brought her to him. The Little Loan....

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Creinauer (1 book)
Thu, 30 May 2013 04:04:09 +0200

Updated the latest section of The Little Loan: "AD in Gold". Working on new material.

Creinauer (1 book)
Wed, 22 May 2013 13:52:18 +0200

Added Part 2, Section 3--"AD in Gold"--to The Little Loan.