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A native of northern Kentucky, I spent the 1990s in Memphis before moving to New York. I am the author of Why They Cried, an e-book collection of short stories out now from Joyland and ECW Press. The collection includes versions of five stories that were first distributed via Feedbooks--both stories from Single and three from Cassingle--plus five additional stories. My nonfiction and humor pieces, meanwhile, have appeared in Slate, Radar, Print, the New York Daily News, and the New York Post.

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Cassingle: Five Stories

by Jim Hanas

A follow-up to 2006's Single, Cassingle is a collection of stories that originally appeared in Fence, McSweeney's, Bridge: Stories & Ideas, and Twelve Stories. Toronto's Eye Weekly wrote of Cassingle, "No matter...

Single: Two Stories

by Jim Hanas

"Single" contains two previously published short stories: "Miss Tennessee" and "The Cryerer," which first appeared in The Land-Grant College Review and One Story, respectively. Both appear in "Why They Cried,"...



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Commented on Single: Two Stories

jimhanas (2 books)
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 18:08:52 +0100

Alright. I re-uploaded as XHTML. Looks great. Thanks for your help.

jimhanas (2 books)
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 17:22:45 +0100

I'll take out the extra spaces. A question: I've experimented with distributing ebooks through many ebook sites -- manybooks, bookglutton, etc. -- and every site processes text differently. In this case, I uploaded plain text. Do you recommend cutting and pasting from Word instead? (I tried this and it preserved the paragraph breaks -- w/o spaces -- but seemed to have problems of its own.) What is the optimal solution. Hand-coded HTML?