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Rohan was born on third June 1994 in one of the metropolitan city in India, Bangalore. As a child, he discovered his writing talent and backed by people's support, he continued to write books and publish it on the internet. He's a gentle-hearted person and loves dogs a lot. Crab, shrimp, and burgers are his favorite when it comes to food!

Books Published (6 books)


by Rohan Paxton

This book has been compiled with all the volumes in the hit series "Silhouette". This is the diary of a guy named Herald and the girl whom he was in love with. A love story written like no other. Will Herald...

The Dorm

by Rohan Paxton

Life in dorm is different. One thing that remains on everyone's mind is "sex". Driven by lusts for girls, see how far Paul is going to succeed to sleep with the one that he considered was the hottest of all...



Butter Churn

by Rohan Paxton

With the release of this, Rohan is now being called by the people as a "Philosopher"! From mere ten quotes centered on love and now to sixty, this is the second booklet of his that awaits the crowd.

Fama: Revised Edition

by Rohan Paxton

(This novel was voted for The Best Book of the Year, 2012, by the HotDog Publishers). "The road to reputation was wide open for Eva Jones, the renowned singer who acquired a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame....

Rohan's Short Collection

by Rohan Paxton

This is a set of small articles and poems that you can enjoy in your spare time. From school life to health matters, a pet that died, a trip to a theme park and about family and friends and a lot more is compiled...

Startle Rim: Making of a Wish

by Rohan Paxton

A novel mainly centered on childhood memories and paranormal things. It's all about Bennett making wishes.

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rpaxton48 (6 books)
Tue, 29 Oct 2013 17:39:45 +0100

Try a dark color font, like black would be a best choice to write heading and the author's name for your books :)

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rpaxton48 (6 books)
Mon, 21 May 2012 20:22:59 +0200