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Commented on The Count of Monte Cristo

Sat, 30 Oct 2010 04:28:17 +0200

As others have said, this is an excellent book. I was completely amazed by how much this story exceeded my expectations. This is one that deserves to be a "classic".

Commented on Janice - Robot Maid

Tue, 01 Jun 2010 07:26:59 +0200

Some parts of this novella (?) were very compelling an interesting. I particularly enjoyed the parts discussing how the non-Asenion (non-Asimovian) robots work, and how they affect humanity.

However, the MASSIVE social changes described in this story happen WAY too fast to be even remotely believable. Just casually reading, I had the sense that the story happened over about a 3 week period. I just can't believe that. Other than that, I also found the human characters mostly uninteresting.

Overall, a recommended short read.