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Life in the Shadows

by Jan Gordon

Were panthers are an ancient race. For millennia they have lived alongside humans, always keeping their true selves secret for fear of persecution. They are a private people. Their past is cloaked in mystery...

The Goodbye

by Jan Gordon

A story of love and life, of war and loss, and of longing and need. This short story is made up of sixteen drabbles. A drabble is a story written in exactly one hundred words, not including the title, and cannot...

Black Silk

by Jan Gordon

Victoria Hudson is 29 and lives in the kind of small town where everyone knows everyone else. She has two great loves in her life -- her cat, Mister, and reading books from her used bookstore. She doesn't see...

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Commented on The Mating

JanG (3 books)
Thu, 26 Jan 2012 06:58:00 +0100

In my opinion The Mating is NOT pornographic. Sensual, yes. Romantic, yes. Suspenseful, yes. Pornographic, NO. It's not even graphic. You obviously haven't read any pornographic or explicit fiction if you consider Nicky Charles' writing sexually explicit.

Commented on Black Silk

JanG (3 books)
Wed, 29 Jun 2011 21:15:47 +0200

@mildredhubble. I'm in the process of writing a series of short stories from the life of Cole's father. I'm posting them at FictionPress.com at the moment, but as soon as I've finished the planned series I'm hoping to publish them in an anthology.