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PASCO (Omnibus, Parts 1-3)

by RK Moore

A collection of the first three episodes in the ongoing PASCO series. Episode 1 - Stevie has finally got a job. A secretive company called PASCO have given him a position on their team. All goes well until lunchtime...

Dreaming of You

by RK Moore

It's natural for people to dream about sexy strangers. But what if that stranger appears in numerous dreams? And what if that same stranger turns out to be real? Dreaming of You is a short romantic tale about...

Neighbourhood Witch

by RK Moore

There was a young woman who lived on the edge of the village, but she never received visitors, nor was she invited to any parties or village fetes. It wasn’t that she was disliked. It wasn’t even because...

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rkmoore (3 books)
Sat, 21 Sep 2013 09:55:33 +0200

Neighbourhood Witch is now available to purchase from all good ebook retailers.