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Denise Kim Wy is a designer by day and author by night. She loves reading tear-jerking love stories as well as witty books with a dark sense of humor.

Denise believes that the world can become a better place if people will spend more time reading books instead of trolling celebrities. She's also a sucker for English period dramas and well designed furniture.

You can reach her through
TWITTER: @denisewy

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Please Stay

by Denise Kim Wy

THIS IS A PREVIEW COPY. Please visit if you're interested to purchase the whole book. ***** Kym isn't really thrilled about the idea of coming home if it...

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Commented on Conversion Book Three: 'Til Death

denisewy (1 book)
Wed, 09 Mar 2011 05:38:45 +0100

Haven't read the book but I was surprised to see this as I have read the first two. Keep up the good work! :) I'm a fan

Commented on Little Brother

denisewy (1 book)
Sat, 13 Nov 2010 05:33:21 +0100

One of the best books i've ever read!