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I'm Just a Latin American guy who likes to write. I am Brazilian, so that some things go wrong in language that is posted here (but with time it will be improved, I promise).
Much like the Bossa Nova, Rock (of various kinds), Classical, and a little samba.
Read and write almost compulsively, but I also do normal things, like going out and interacting with society to me (not isolation).
think more in many things, and live between the tense and intense.
GOD and my family are my strength, and life lesson for me to live better.
I write wrong (I'm not professional in language that is imposed here), but here I want to convey through my words, rather than live and learn, and want to help a little (get a case) in the life of every one who reads my writings.

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More Inspiratios 25

by Luiz Guilherme

More inspirations (a little) more than life to those who read and want a little something different in his life. this is a bit more than I can, what you dream and think. and that way, I share this, which is...

Jan Love

by Luiz Guilherme

Jan was a mere boy of 15 years, who wanted a love in your life. But here comes a love with whom they least expect it: with your literature teacher. everything was very good and wonderful, but things come up...

25: Poems and Writings

by Luiz Guilherme

Something quite poetic, simple, without much extravagance. read if you want.

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Commented on Rina and Fabit

guilg7 (3 books)
Sat, 14 Aug 2010 17:38:52 +0200

Although short, I liked the story. it involves technology and the monstrosity that exists between us. this is very interesting, and shows something else: that human beings may be far away, but the media make it can communicate with the world and interact with it.

Commented on How To Disappear Completely

guilg7 (3 books)
Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:23:46 +0200

Honestly, I can tell you that you are an inspiration. his book is engaging, even captivating. you did something different from everyone (even me, I have a book on a level below all). you are amazing. Congratulations on what you wrote and I hope it stays that way.