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Andrew is a Mental Health Professional that lives and works on the North side of Chicago. Despite appearances, and rumors to the contrary, he is mostly sane. He has been published several times in a small literary magazine called “Pith”, occasionally using a pen name for no real reason. He has been influenced by writings of William Spencer Browning, Arthur C. Clark, Frank Herbert, and numerous others. When asked how he comes up with story ideas and plot lines he explains; “I cheat! I work nights in a locked psychiatric unit, and I have ADHD.”

Books Published (6 books)

Inherited Magic (SAMPLE)

by Andrew Gordinier

When John's father dies, he finds a box hidden away in his father's things. Opening it changes John's life forever when he is suddenly initiated to the dying world of magic. Followed by a half-naked tribesman...


by Andrew Gordinier

Would be lovers struggle through the apocalypse.


by Andrew Gordinier

An almost lost love, a carjacking, and a wander through the nothing.


by Andrew Gordinier

An insomniac braves the edge of madness when he becomes obsessed with a painting.

The Touched

by Andrew Gordinier

Two lonely psychics struggle with their abilities and their own tragedies.


by Andrew Gordinier

A bank robber is haunted by his guilty past.