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En Plein Air

by Peter Rodman

Sometimes the most frightening things happen in broad daylight--in your own head.



A Minimal God

by Peter Rodman

Suppose you need a god, but can't believe the things they're telling you?

HalfWit And All Man

by Peter Rodman

Seventy or so short humor essays originally published in the Suttertown News. The man's two dogs came running across the yard at me, barking and snarling. They stopped inches from my face and continued barking...

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Commented on Pembroke's Saga

SardoWeems (3 books)
Wed, 16 Jul 2014 07:14:51 +0200

A pretty fair story of a man who spends his life writing the world's best novel. Kadrey has a strange and often wonderful mind.

Commented on Shadows in Zamboula

SardoWeems (3 books)
Sun, 13 Jul 2014 06:40:29 +0200

A great Conan story. Broke in a town that locks its doors at night, Conan discovers why his innkeeper has the reputation for misplacing strangers. Cannibals, stranglers, evil priest-magicians, and a naked dancing girl show up in the story. Good descriptions, plotting, and characterizations, and Conan proves to be smarter than he looks.