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When a Barbarian Insults a Barbarian: The Charlie Hebdo Farce

by Peter Rodman

Why does the world persist in making heroes of the crude and violent?

Of Suicide

by Peter Rodman

Is a person's decision to kill himself always wrong? Is his thinking irrational? Who has the right to stop him?

En Plein Air

by Peter Rodman

Sometimes the most frightening things happen in broad daylight--in your own head.



Time it was,

by Peter Rodman

Two suicidal people try to keep each other from killing themselves. Actually, it's a bit more complicated than that. Not suitable for children under seven. Contains vulgar language and incidents resembling sexual...

A Minimal God

by Peter Rodman

Suppose you need a god, but can't believe the things they're telling you?

HalfWit And All Man

by Peter Rodman

Seventy or so short humor essays originally published in the Suttertown News. The man's two dogs came running across the yard at me, barking and snarling. They stopped inches from my face and continued barking...

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Commented on Eyelid Movies

SardoWeems (6 books)
Tue, 27 Jan 2015 06:44:25 +0100

Very good story of a high-schooler at a time when everyone has portable mental transmission machines and can tune in to one another's thoughts and sensations. The kid's private code is hacked and his dreams are uploaded on the internet. Very embarrassing.
Interesting premise, and a couple of clever rebels.

Commented on The Curse of Yig

SardoWeems (6 books)
Tue, 27 Jan 2015 06:39:28 +0100

Possibly because he had a co-writer, this story is much less ponderous than most of Lovecraft's writing. The descriptions are good, and the tension grows throughout the story.
An anthropologist (or something) goes to Oklahoma to investigate the legends of the snake-god, Yig. His travels lead him to an insane asylum and a story by one of the institution's doctors.