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Marvin McKenzie was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and converted to Christianity at age eighteen. He has devoted his nearly thirty years in the ministry to planting and pastoring churches in Oregon and Washington, and to educating the next generation of Baptist preachers.

Marvin and Anita have two sons. Both are involved in the ministry in Washington State.

Books Published (108 books)

The End of the Commandment

by Marvin McKenzie

Charity out of a pure heart, a good conscience and faith unfeigned. Here is a “formula”, if you will, for pleasing God. It is a plan to follow in order to honor Him and be in His graces.

How to Be the Friend of God

by Marvin McKenzie

Abraham. Perhaps the most important man in the Bible. It is through him we have our faith. It is through him we have our Saviour. It is through him we have our relationship with God. Abraham was not a perfect...

Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know

by Marvin McKenzie

Six simple verses (and their lessons) every Christian should master.

From Prophet to Printer

by Marvin McKenzie

The single most important document on the face of this planet is the Bible. It has been maligned and mistreated by commoner, kings and zealots but it has survived. What is more, it has survived, according to...

Keeping the Fire in Your Faith

by Marvin McKenzie

Seven simple thoughts intended to help believers remain enthusiastic and excited about being Christians.

Please Don't Move the Landmarks

by Marvin McKenzie

This is a message I delivered at a High School graduation. The young people were all products of home schooling. I know each of them and their parents very well and have great hope for them. The message itself,...

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Commented on The Simple Gospel

marvinmckenzie (108 books)
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 00:51:48 +0200

The word Gospel means "good news". The good news of the Bible is cover to cover but once in a while, every now and then in the pages of the Bible, God gives concise portions of the whole Gospel in one place.
Read this. Read some Good News!

Commented on How to Be the Friend of God

marvinmckenzie (108 books)
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 00:49:51 +0200

Here are some simple steps anyone can take to draw closer to the true and living God. Enjoy knowing God as Your Savior, guide and close friend.