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The Making of the Whiz Kid

by Rick Umali

This is an autobiography that I wrote for the 7th grade. It's not a great read. It's full of elementary school hubris and strange changes in verb tense. I left all that in there, because in the end the "voice"...

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Commented on The Weekender

rickumali (1 book)
Tue, 27 Jul 2010 04:31:45 +0200

I liked this short story. It was a tightly packed with good atmosphere and quite the surprise.

Commented on The Singularity

rickumali (1 book)
Mon, 26 Jul 2010 00:35:33 +0200

Mike, I enjoyed your book! It was a quite fast read. I definitely could imagine the book being "filled out more". This was my first introduction into the "singularity" concept, even though I had heard of Ray Kurzweil. You brought a lot of cool concepts into my mind. Thanks!