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Doing It Right

by Rayy

Short story about a father's adventure with his daughter, and the lessons they teach each other.


by Ray Weeks

The world has fallen to the dead, and each day, humanity struggles to hold on. In the midst of this madness, one man is hopeful enough to collect the stories of the living. This is one interview.



So Far

by Ray Weeks

"What's the worst thing you've ever done?" These are the words that launch a man into his past, forcing him to recall an event that changed his life forever.

Hungry For Love

by Ray Weeks

"Hungry For Love" is a story about Brian and Aubrey. They are very much in love. They are also living in a world where the dead walk, and loving someone doesn't work quite the way it used to.

Cardinal Rule

by Ray Weeks

Life's rough in the Underside--you've got fairies tending bar, leprechauns mugging you at knife point, and gnomes who are just too damn stupid to know what's good for 'em--but nobody's tougher than Burdoch....


by Ray Weeks

Clint has always tried to do the right thing. He was a loving father, a caring husband, and basically a good guy. That changed when he came home to find his children murdered and his wife tortured. Now, Clint...

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Commented on Things You Should Know

Rayy (6 books)
Tue, 27 Mar 2012 02:24:26 +0200

Pretty good story, good writing. Definitely worth the read.

Commented on The Defective Detective : Cat Chaser

Rayy (6 books)
Mon, 11 Apr 2011 00:18:37 +0200

Very clever read. A nice mix of humor and intelligence, and the concept is great.