The Second Lost Tale of Mercia: Ethelred the King

The Second Lost Tale of Mercia: Ethelred the King

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6,362 words (≈ 25 minutes)

This haunting short story illustrates the scandalous circumstances surrounding King Ethelred's rise to power at the age of eleven, and reveals why the entire reign of so-called "Ethelred the Unready" seems to have been cursed.

“The Lost Tales of Mercia” are a series of ten short stories set in England near the end of the Viking Age. They can be read in any order. Though fictional, they are heavily researched and feature many real historical figures as described… (more)

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Sat, 26 Jun 2010 11:19:17 +0200

I quite enjoyed the first installment. I'm expecting this one to be even better.

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Language: English

Written in: 2010

Published: 2010-05-31

Word count: 6,362 words (≈ 25 minutes)

License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (cc by-nc-sa)

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The Lost Tales of Mercia

In the years surrounding 1000 A.D., the Vikings and their king, Sweyn Forkbeard, constantly attack Engla-lond. A weak king, Ethelred II, rules the...

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