Jonah Hex: Shades of Gray #1

Jonah Hex: Shades of Gray #1

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5,962 words (≈ 24 minutes)

Jonah Hex: Shades of Gray: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

The Blackest Night is over, and the Brightest Day has begun for twelve newly-resurrected people...but unbeknownst to all, there's a thirteenth person that got brought back as well. A hero to some, a villain to others, Jonah Hex once again walks amongst the living, and Death itself is a closer companion than ever!

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Language: English

Written in: 2010

Published: 2010-08-03

Word count: 5,962 words (≈ 24 minutes)

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Jonah Hex: He Did Have Two Companions…One Was Death Itself…The Other, The Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke.

Stories featuring Jonah Hex, the meanest bounty hunter to ever stalk the Old West of the comics.

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