Faster Than Light: The Fallen Goddess

Faster Than Light: The Fallen Goddess

in EPUB format, also available for Kindle or in PDF

17,196 words (≈ about 1 hour)

The first in a series of short stories about the I.S.S. Fenghuang, the last faster-than-light starship in the galaxy, and its crew of rebels determined to reunite humanity.

The Heilmann Drive allowed humanity to spread across the stars and prosper for nearly two thousand years. But when the use of the device begins to eat into the fabric of the universe, the People's Interstellar Republic bans all faster-than-light travel. A new age begins, one of isolation and stagnation,… (more)

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Thu, 17 Nov 2011 20:06:49 +0100

The setting of this book (and the next) is brilliant, too bad both stories are rather short. I reckon both books together, and a few more to come, put them in a blender and it will yield a great story. When reading this book and also when reading the next, both times I felt like I was reading only half a story. I'm really looking forward for it to coalesce.

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 14:33:55 +0100

Enjoyable read. Only complaint is that its a pity it hadn't been developed into a full novel.

The characters may be bland but I didn't find them so. IMO too much character detail is overkill.

Worth a read: ****

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Language: English

Written in: 2010

Published: 2010-08-15

Word count: 17,196 words (≈ about 1 hour)

License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (cc by-nc-sa)

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