Powers, Inc. #4

Powers, Inc. #4

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9,014 words (≈ 36 minutes)

Powers, Inc.: The Late Adventure.

The Powers, Inc. team are flown out to a tropical island for some well earned R n R, but what devious plan has brought them there? Why is Oberon wearing a leaf skirt? What is Aquaman doing there? You don't want to miss week one of this amazing four part weekly epic.

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ryokowerx (779 books)
Mon, 25 Oct 2010 20:11:38 +0200

For what it is worth, Doctor Memory, I agree with you. Powers Inc. is also not my favorite either or the strongest of the DC2 Universe titles. It suffered from poor editing as well as too much aping of what came before in the actual comics. That is also probably why it only reached eight issues before it died. So, once I have those posted, it'll be over.

Mon, 25 Oct 2010 02:22:18 +0200

I've read and somewhat liked the first three "issues" of the Powers, Inc. series, but this one maybe should've been a little later, because it was laden with spelling and grammatical errors that make me think the authors didn't realize there was an "F7" key on their keyboards.

I also can't understand where they're coming up with the characterizations for some of these heroes. None of the characters have much in common with their comic book counterparts (though Booster Gold is somewhat like his… (more)

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Language: English

Written in: 2006

Published: 2010-10-22

Word count: 9,014 words (≈ 36 minutes)

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Heroes for Hire (God Help Us): Powers, Inc.

The complete and uncensored madcap antics of one of the world's WORST superhero teams... ever.

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