The Magic Sneakers

The Magic Sneakers

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5 words (≈ less than a minute)

All children have vivid imaginations and dream of having magical powers. Young Jimmy Burton was no exception. When he actually did acquire such powers his quite orderly world turned upside down....

It all began when Jimmy is faced with a boring Saturday morning shopping for a pair of sneakers with his mother. But when he puts on a scuffed pair of sneakers labeled 'Made in Tibet' he is suddenly transformed: He can fly at will, and immediately embarks on a series of… (more)

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Language: English

Written in: 2010

Published: 2010-11-19

Word count: 5 words (≈ less than a minute)

License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (cc by-nc-nd)

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At 77 I am retired, but like to write as a hobby. This started when my oldest son was about 12. He loved The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and since I used to make up stories for the kids at bedtime, he asked if I could make up an Oz story. I had read somewhere that if you want to write you should set aside some time each day - preferably the same time if possible, and write even if you don't feel like it or nothing comes to mind. It can be a third of a page, a half a page or several pages, but at least make the effort. Sure enough it worked for me. I'd get up a little earlier each day than I used to and write for 1/2 hour before going to work at the phone company.
A year later I had about 400 pages, and called the story "Dorothy's Mystical Adventures in Oz." I self published the book as a Print on Demand book (POD) through Xlibris Publishing. Later when Amazon got started and created the Kindle I published it there. After that I joined forces with a long time Oz author, Chris Dulabone, and we wrote two books together: first, "The Forest Monster of Oz" then "Abducted to Oz." The Magic Sneakers which I wrote alone like the first book is not an Oz book, but I tried to capture the same whimsical fantasy syle. I have also writen some short mataphysical stories such as "I Married a Ghost" and "The Firepeople" but, but none published so far. I would appreciate any comments on my stories to see if I should continue to try to write. I do feel that they are quite visual and could be adopted to film or animation projects - even comic books.




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