Suicide Squad #20

Suicide Squad #20

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3,428 words (≈ 14 minutes)

Suicide Squad: Shifting Loyalties, Part One (of Four).

The Four part Suicide Squad/Teen Titans Crossover begins here!

Assasination in Markovia calls Terra back to her unwanted home, dragging the whole Suicide Squad with her. The situation is more complicated than it first appears, with enemies on every side; a recalictrant new King, a shifty pair of scientists, a group of dangerous insurgents, a sentient killing machine, and not least another super powereed team on… (more)

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Language: English

Written in: 2008

Published: 2011-07-25

Word count: 3,428 words (≈ 14 minutes)

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They Were Expendable: The Suicide Squad

This list encompasses all of the DC2 Universe appearances of the Suicide Squad team.

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