Biblische Grundlagen

Biblische Grundlagen

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126,703 words (≈ about 8 hours)

EINLEITUNG Studie 1: Gott Studie 2: Der Geist Gottes

Studie 3: Die Verheissung Gottes Studie 4: Gott und Tod Studie 5: Das Reich Gottes

Studie 6: Gott und das Böse Studie 7: Der Ursprung Jesu Studie 8: Die Natur Jesu

Studie 9: Das Werk Jesu Studie 10: Taufe in Jesus Studie 11: Leben in Christus

ANHANG 1: Eine Zusammenfassung grundlegender biblischer Lehren ANHANG 2: Unsere Einstellung furs Lernen biblischer Wahrheit ANHANG 3: Die Nähe der Rückkehr Christi

ANHANG 4:… (more)

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Language: German

Written in: 2011

Published: 2011-11-02

Word count: 126,703 words (≈ about 8 hours)

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Originally from the UK, Duncan Heaster is pastor of a church in Riga, Latvia. Having written over 20 books and having edited "Gospel News" magazine for over 20 years, Duncan says that he sees his writing and preaching as merely sowing seed- God's seed, insofar as his writing is a presentation of God's word, the Bible. He feels unable to change anyone by his own argument or words- but is rather simply presenting to them the direct teaching of the Bible, stripped of all human theology and tradition. This has led him to reject popular Christian doctrines such as the trinity, immortal soul, a personal devil, hell as a place of eternal fire. But in their place he presents the real Christ, as Son of God, son of man, Lord and Saviour; who has opened the way to resurrection from the dead in God's Kingdom. Duncan Heaster is married to Cindy and they have a young family. They are well known as Christadelphians, and Duncan welcomes contact and discussion:


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