Corporate Intent #1: Missing Employees? (Abridged)

Corporate Intent #1: Missing Employees? (Abridged)

in EPUB format, also available for Kindle or in PDF

4,094 words (≈ 16 minutes)

Keeping corporations ethically responsible is the job of Judy Duty, head of DCRI. She researches and busts those companies that put employees and customers at risk for the sake of greed. A fun mystery to learn about the corporate world, different types of managers and employees, and the motivations playing behind the scenes. There is also time for romance and interplanetary comic relief. This is the first book in the Corporate Intent Series. In each book another… (more)

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Language: English

Written in: 2012

Published: 2012-10-23

Word count: 4,094 words (≈ 16 minutes)

License: Attribution No Derivatives (cc by-nd)

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Hallett German is a fiction and technical subject author on various aspects of IT. His works of fiction cross multiple genres including children, young adult, dysfunctional corporate mysteries/fantasies, historical fiction, and steampunk. His books offer a unique and original ride into other worlds and lives.

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