Love is a Perfect Place

Love is a Perfect Place

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5,164 words (≈ 21 minutes)

A short story by Michael Graeme - a twenty minute read: He scooped some water up and drank. It astonished him. It tasted like he imagined the most perfect water should taste, but it was a sensation spoiled by the queer fact that he wasn't thirsty even though he had walked for hours under a hot sun.

"Perhaps we don't need food,... or water," he said. "Only when it pleases us."

He looked around then at the land and he felt a chill. What manner of place was this? And… (more)

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Fri, 24 Jul 2009 14:50:41 +0200

This was a very original story. I enjoyed it a lot. I love the way the writer make us get to know the character in not many pages.

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Language: English

Written in: 1999

Published: 2009-01-08

Word count: 5,164 words (≈ 21 minutes)

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Michael Graeme is from the North West of England. He writes mainly literary romantic and fantasy fiction. His short stories have featured in the printed press, but Michael now prefers to write online, exploring the emerging ebook market. His work is always free and usually to be found first on Feedbooks.

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