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6,340 words (≈ 25 minutes)

INTERIOR is a Creative Writing Work, at the same time an album of songs wrote by Kurusha Magzube dedicated to new age which birthday is on 21 December 2012 at 11.11 / the nature of its character bring inspiration from the universe and all the natural powers . The author used a special magic technique "metaphysics of lenguage" that is based into the power mind called "metempsychosis".

It speak about our emotions in front of life and love. It blesses the people because… (more)

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Language: English

Written in: 2013

Published: 2013-04-25

Word count: 6,340 words (≈ 25 minutes)

License: Attribution No Derivatives (cc by-nd)

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H.I.H. Sharyar Kurush Aryman Magzube also written: P. Kourush (Cyro) bin Mahmoud Majzoub of Tehran (Persian: مجذوب کوروش) born in Venice 05 October 1978, is an Iranian poet, scholar of Religions and Rituals of ancient Indo-European and Mesoamerican civilizations. He is degreed in old history with a Doctorate in Sciences, theme: “Philology of Indo-European languages” (Padua University).

Currently Kurusha is working as a broker into the Family corporate “Aryan’s Trading LTD” that works worldwide mustly in the real estate and art market.

He is also a international eventing rider, and nevertheless is working as a official secretary of his brother Juan Carlos Garcia, international show jumping rider.

His literary production began on December 22, 1999 after a “special event” that occurred while he was living in Brisbane, Australia in front of the Ocean. In this period he starts the mystical path that will lead his poetry and all his literary production until today. His movement called Pure Expressionism is a linguistic path that spans all the areas of the phenomenal and metaphysi- cal world, involving the powers of the Human Being and the secrets of the nature of universe. He wrote many works in verses and some treaties of which were done in self-transfert or been inspired by the Deity. Specially he studied all the aspects of the “Spiritual World” which he called Metaphysics of Language remembering the strong power that still living in the use of the Word and Symbolism in old civilizations.

In addition to the many poetry compositions, lyrics and songs, he wrote also experimental treatises about Mathematics, Economics, and he com- pose some important essays about Physics and Metaphysics applied. His thought is calling “Asylum” and represents his personal view point about the life and the phenomenological world. His Aestheticism of the Golden Age is one of the most inspiring of the contemporary iranian literature.

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